Monday, September 19, 2011

consider this a calling card

There is a scene in The King's Speech in which Lionel Logue announces to his family that he's going to audition for a play saying it's "one of my favorites." His son then looks up and responds, "Aren't they all?" The exchange is brief, but it's one that immediately caught my attention because OMG THAT IS ME!!! I can't tell you how often I have started fan flailing over this or that and whomever I'm with tends to say something along the lines of, "Everything's your favorite! I can't keep up with them all!" Granted, I do have a lot of favorites and they all give me a lot of FEELINGS /an alarming amount of daydreaming material, but... I am not the only one, ok? I have a handful of besties to whom I can turn and say, "Carrots," or "Look back... look back at me," and they'll be right there with me in a puddle of drippy emotion on the floor.

Hence why I have invited them to co-author this blog with me! Are we living vicariously through literature and song? Maybe. Are we pairing baked goods with mini series? Guilty. Are we secretly holding it against blind dates that they're keeping us from our fictional boyfriends? OF COURSE WE ARE. And we regret nothing. But I will stop you right there and declare that we are not completely delusional and heartless. Au contraire; we may be hard to impress, but a lot of things give us what we like to call ALL CAPS FEELINGS. This blog is, therefore, a virtual fainting couch for all things swoon-worthy.


P.S. On behalf of all of us here at Victorian Swag, I'd like to give a little shout out to Michael Fassbender i.e. Sassy Fassy, Sassafass, my our honorary husband/mascot for his Best Actor win at the Venice Film Festival. We are not surprised. And we love your three-piece suit. Did you wear it on purpose? Because *GRABBY HANDS* and *SUH-WOON*!

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