Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday We're in Love!

Because we don't discriminate here at Victorian Swag, we thought it only appropriate to show some love to our favorite television characters. In honor of fall TV, here are the psychics, politicians, geeks, vampires, timelords, writers, sales representatives, and special agents that make our hearts flutter.

Clockwise from top: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8

Sally's picks: 

Patrick Jane could walk through the door at any moment and I would stand up and applaud (/pounce). I'm just so happy he's back in our lives with his three piece suits, tea times, naps on the couch, witty remarks, and wasn't-me face! But what antics will he get up to on this season of The Mentalist as he gets closer to tracking down his family's killer, Red John?

Last season on Parks & Recreation, we saw Ben Wyatt's cold heart thaw as he fell for the girl who reminded him that people, politics, and small towns can be crazy good. This guy won me over with his homemade soup, smitten looks, plaid shirts, dry humor, and complete lack of knowledge on all things Li'l Sebastian. I don't know what will happen with him and Leslie as she starts running for public office, but all signs point to his being a true gent and first at the ballot box.

Mariah's picks: 
What do you get when you combine ALIAS with The Office? You get Chuck, although Chuck Bartowski himself is not a cross between Sydney Bristow and Michael Scott, because that would just be weird. This season will be a little bittersweet: Chuck and Sarah have finally tied the knot, but we'll only get a small glimpse into their married life since our favorite geek and super-spy will be riding off into the sunset for good this final season. At least we'll get to say a proper goodbye to our number-one Converse wearing, Intersect embedded, Buy-More working guy.

I do sort of have a thing for bad boys, or should I say boys who outwardly appear bad, but actually have hearts of gold. So, it's not surprising that last season when Stefan went crazy on the Vampire Diaries I was secretly cheering, “FINALLY Elena and Damon will get together.” Frankly, I'm amazed she has held off this long, because those gorgeous blue eyes and sexy smirk would have won me over ages ago. Here's to hoping there's lots of shirtless Damon this season.

Sarah's picks:
Would I drop everything to travel through time with a mad man in a box (Doctor Who)? Oh, just ask me! There's just something about a man with a bow tie and mischievous half smile!

I really am such a sucker for a guy whose eyes just sparkle when he smiles. Castle's infectious playfulness and his loyalty are qualities that every woman looks for. His personality is made up of so many opposing traits, but somehow, he pulls it off.

Ali's picks: 
Jim Halpert may seem like old news.  He’s been the adorable goofball on The Office for 8 seasons now.  But no matter what happens to his character, he always maintains that hapless charm and effortless humor that makes him our favorite paper salesman.  Not only do we love the fact that he never tires in his pursuit to annoy Dwight, he has also turned into one of the best family men on TV.  Pam is one lucky gal!

Agent Booth could possibly be my favorite FBI agent in the history of TV FBI agents.  Always impeccably dressed and ready to take down the bad guy (physically and intellectually), he oozes masculine capability.  I just hope I never see the inside of his interrogation room (umm, wait, I take that back).  He also has an endearing soft side.  With a name like Seeley and as one half one of the most complex friendships on television, the Bones star is a delightful addition to the Jeffersonian forensic anthropologist team and to my TV screen.  


  1. And now, I'm off to go watch more telly. There really are just so many BEA-U-TIFUL men!

  2. My brain just can't handle this collage!