Monday, September 19, 2011

Victorian Swag: A Definition

Victorian Swag is men in boots. Not just any boots either. Riding boots. A good smolder and brood are also necessary. Pretty much just think of Mr. Darcy…either one.

Of course, there is more to Victorian Swag than just men. It’s anything that makes you swoon. It’s opera glasses, lace gloves, and afternoon tea. It’s a tarte au chocolat and Julia Child’s kitchen.
It’s riding bikes in Versailles and going to Disneyland with friends. When your heart goes pitter pat, you have experienced swag.


  1. "When your heart goes pitter-patter." That is a rather perfect explanation. As my heart is frequently wont to do at the site of Mr. Darcy (I do love you, dearest Colin Firth, but Matthew has my heart).

    Also, did you say you were baking some chocolate tarts, Sarah? No? I could've sworn that you did....

  2. The picture of the bikes in Versailles gave me more FEELINGS than Mr. Darcy!!!! Sarah, you nailed this one on the head! And now I will slip into an emotional coma...