Wednesday, September 21, 2011

X-Men: First Class

X-Men: First Class is swag worthy on so many levels.  First, let me just applaud the casting department on their choice of James McAvoy (Professor Charles Xavier) and Michael Fassbender (Eric Lensherr/Magneto).  It is so easy to get these things wrong and so refreshing to see it done right.  The chemistry McAvoy and Fassbender create is automatic (chess in the parlor, anyone?) and authentic (tears shed over forgotten memories, not going to lie, I had a moment). They make it easy to believe that Charles and Eric were once the very best of friends.  This makes the animosity that later arises much more heartbreaking (and the choice between Charles and Magneto at the end of the movie nearly impossible).  Let’s not dwell on that; back to the eye candy.  Mad props to the casting department again for introducing a couple of relative new comers: Caleb Landry Jones, aka Sean Cassidy/Banshee, aka our favorite ginger mutant; and Lucas Till, aka Alex Summers/Havok, aka let’s hope we NEVER see you opposite Miley Cyrus again. 

Swag is further evidenced by the cast’s impeccable wardrobe.  I loved the mod vibe and when you factor in the black turtlenecks, three-piece suits, leather jackets, and trench coats, let’s see if we can’t love this cast even more.

Another pleasant surprise: the soundtrack.  Henry Jackman, I applaud you for your heavy, guitar-laced, suspense inducing score. It dripped with revenge and I felt cool just listening to it.  Not sure about it?  Just listen to Magneto’s theme. 

Aside from the man candy, three-piece suits, and amazing score, I enjoyed the new take on the Cuban Missile Crisis (gotta love a semi-believable alternate history), the slew of LANGUAGES (German, French, English, Spanish, and Russian.  Finally, someone figured out that speaking English with horrible accents just wouldn’t cut it.   Authenticity is key and, well, a tri-lingual Michael Fassbender doesn’t hurt the ratings, either) and all of the delicious back-story details (Magneto and Mystique’s weird chemistry, the anti-telepath helmet, Charles’s paralysis, Hank’s transformation into Beast, the list goes on). 

The only dark spots in an otherwise perpetual grin-inducing movie were: 1. The terribly cheesy, impossible to take seriously pick-up line turned public service announcement “mutant and proud” that kept popping up.  This theme was annoyingly unnecessary as it is basically the foundation for the original X-Men plot, and 2. The hurl-worthy grey sweat suits worn for “training” at the Xavier manor; truly offensive (bring back the turtlenecks and leather)!

All-in-all, X-Men: First Class has all of the elements essential to a superhero comic book action movie prequel (and I would know): ridiculously attractive multi-lingual protagonists, plot twists you definitely saw coming but chose to ignore, leather jackets, and finally, a truly evil villain bent on world domination.   You really can’t ask for much more.  But please, next time, leave the sweat suits and tag lines at home.  



  1. A TRI-LINGUAL MICHAEL FASSBENDER! All hail Victorian Swag's king & muse! To the rest of mankind, I'm very sorry, but you'll never impress me now. He conveys so much with just a glance and brought so much depth and color to this character that few others could have achieved. And don't even get me started on McFassy. Here's hoping me see much more of the two of them on screen together. Mind = blown!

  2. Thank god I'm not the only one that wished to see those awful grey tracksuits come to a slow and very untimely death.
    Really though, this movie had me sucked in from the very beginning what with the Concentration camp, crazy Germans, and sad baby Magneto. Also, cheers to McFassy for their truly swoon-worthy chemistry and wardrobe.

    (Did I mention that I auditioned to be an extra in this movie, but they wouldn't cast me because my hair wasn't long enough...)

  3. Ironic how a movie that champions diversity won't let you wander around in the background because you have short hair. FASSY WOULD NOT APPROVE! In fact, they must have just been trying to keep the two of you apart. They just knew Fassy would be too distracted by your presence. *shakes fist at Hollywood*

    Unpopular opinion: I liked the track suits. They just made me laugh (i.e. giggle FITS), ok? Obviously not cute, but hi-freakin'-larious!

  4. i may or may not have watched that today. love a man who can speak several languages so well. mr. bacon's german made the little hairs on the back of my neck stand up, but fassy's superb accent more than made up for it.