Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bon anniversaire, Victorian Swag!

This little blog turned one month old today and we hope you're enjoying it as much as we are. Personally, we think that Monsieur Fassbender would celebrate this great occasion by whisking us off to Paris to get lost holding hands in the cobblestone streets of the Latin Quarter, kiss at the top of la Tour Eiffel, and feast on pastel macaroons in the Tuileries gardens. And let's not forget how he'd take us out for some late night dancing to live music by the Seine. We'd probably each take a turn making fools of ourselves as we accidentally stepped on his toes, but he'd be a gentleman and smile, "C'est pas grave." Oh la la... Ahem... For more daydreaming material, please refer to this birthday mixtape, parlez-vous franglais, or even buy it here
Now tell me you wouldn't want to walk around Paris with Fassy lookin' like THAT!
1. Last Tango In Paris (Suite, Pt. 2) ... Gato Barbieri
2. C'est si bon ... Eartha Kitt
3. Azure-Te (Paris Blues) ... Frank Sinatra
4. April in Paris ... Ella Fitzgerald
5. Sous le ciel de Paris ... Juliette Gréco
6. Ces bottes sont faites pour marcher ... Eileen
7. Le toi du moi ... Carla Bruni
8. Je n'aime que toi ... Alex Beaupain & Clotilde Hesme
9. French Navy ... Camera Obscura 
10. The Poor People of Paris (Jean's Song) ... Bing Crosby
11. Milord ... Edith Piaf
12. Un jour comme un autre ... Brigitte Bardot
13. En t'attendant ... Mélanie Laurent
14. Ne me quitte pas ... Jacques Brel
15. Comptine d'un autre été - L'après-midi ... Yann Tiersen
16. La même histoire ... Feist
17. Francis ... Coeur de pirate
18. Verlaine ... Charles Trenet
19. I Love Paris ... Ella Fitzgerald
20. La vie en rose ... Louis Armstrong

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