Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Félicitations On Your Visage: Gaspard Ulliel


I have been a fan of Gaspard Ulliel since first seeing his incredible performance in A Very Long Engagement.  He is an amazing actor, and, to be shallow, one of the most gorgeous men ever to grace the silver screen.  The latest thing I have seen him in is the recently released (in the US anyway) The Princess of Montpensier.  Ulliel plays Henri de Guise, a completely self-absorbed rake from the sixteenth century.  Is it any wonder I find him attractive?  Since it's a French movie based on actual events, it's not exactly uplifting.  Nevertheless, it is a beautiful film, and I recommend it.

His latest film, The Art of Love, is coming out November 23, and I really hope it's not a super limited release.  It looks absolutely adorable and very much like a French version of Love Actually.  If you can't wait until then, you can see go to the nearest Chanel counter and stare at his face on any Bleu de Chanel ad.