Friday, October 7, 2011

"First Love is Such Sweet Despair"

I'm not sure about you, but the ladies of Victorian Swag are incredibly excited about the new trailer that just debuted for My Week with Marilyn.  While everyone loves a good Marilyn Monroe biopic, we must admit that the real reason we are so excited is because this film features one Eddie Redmayne in the role of Colin Clark, a young film assistant who spends a week with Ms. Monroe while she films in London.  This film beckons with a star-studded cast (Eddie Redmayne), amazing wardrobes (ahem, Eddie Redmayne), and of course historical accuracy (oh, and hey, did we mention EDDIE REDMAYNE??).  This beautiful man will not only grace the big screen bedecked in 1950's British menswear goodness, he will also be speaking to us (and wooing us with) his refined and perfectly inflected voice.  Let's just hope he gets the screen time he deserves (or there WILL be a Victorian Swag outcry).  Let's also hope (although I think this one might be in vain judging by the title of this post taken straight from a foreboding line from the movie) that our hero's heart is not crushed into oblivion AGAIN.  Goodness knows Sally doesn't need any more material for her Proposals Gone Wrong series.  Take a look and just try to deny your feelings. 


  1. If Fassy is our king, it sounds like Eddie Remayne is our prince with three spotlights in a week and a half! But oh I'm so excited about this movie. I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. All hail Prince Eddie! This movie is going to require some nice gentleman to give me his handkerchief. I just know it.

  3. this looks so good!! i love the freckles!