Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday We're In Love!

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Since so much France-asizing is going on this week, we're dedicating this edition of FWIL to all things French! (This would be the part where I should insert some witty French euphemism, but since I'm not nearly as much of a Francophile as Sarah, Sally, and Ali, I'll leave that up to them.)

Ali's Pick: 
In honor of France Appreciation Week, my pick for today is my favorite podcast. (Which I have been shamelessly catching up on in the car this past week.) I would like to introduce you, dear readers, to Katia & KylieMac, a fabulous pair of expat podcasters who share their adventures of life in and around Paris twice a week. I have been listening to their show for about, oh, let's say 3 or so years now. Hilarity usually ensues around minute four of the show and their laughter is contagious (especially whilst Podcasting Under the Influence or PUI). I highly recommend you give them a listen. Whether or not you have ever been to Paris and whether or not your life goal is to explore as many countries as you possibly can and laugh along the way, I promise you will love this podcast! They are approaching their 500th episode so you have a lot of catching up to do. 

Sally's Pick:
The combination of France-asizing and colder fall weather sweeping in this week made way for whimsical daydreams about one day being invited to the secretest of secret parties, Le Dîner en Blanc, in Paris. Every summer, thousands of people dressed in white descend upon some famous location in the city (though I heard they had it at Versailles once- be still my heart!), having only been told just minutes before where exactly they were meeting (secrecy is key so the police won't be waiting there to break it up). The spectacular scene is made complete with self-made picnic baskets, glasses of wine, music, dancing, sparklers, and celebrating the spirit of Paris. This event is certainly on my bucket list, even if it is invitation only.

Sarah's Pick:
One of the things I miss most about France is the selection of beverages. Thousands of teas, wonderful wines, and several flavors of Schweppes. More often than not, you will see me with a Schweppes Agrum (grapefruit) in my hand whilst in France. It can brighten the gloomiest of days. Of course, it's not readily available on this side of the Atlantic, but I will be the first in line when it is.

Mariah's Pick:
It's going to sound cliche when I start rambling on about macarons, especially when it seems they've become the cupcake of the hipster blogging world, but when something is that good, what can you do? They're just the perfect combination of crispy, gooey, sweet goodness. And they come in so many flavors, so there's always a new kind to try! One day I'll make it to Paris to try some of the infamous Laduree variety. Until then, I'll settle for Papillote's lovely macarons. (Savannah's own little French cafe, complete with authentic French chef and fabulous French soda, as Sarah mentioned, that I am completely addicted to.)


  1. First of all, Katie & Kyliemac is the best podcast ever made. They are awesome ladies and I want to be their intern/groupie for liiiiiiiiife!


    Third, I really need to learn how to make les macarons. Really.

  2. I might have to go listen to this podcast...

    SALLY. I want to go to this event!!!!!

    I wonder if it's possible to find grapefruit Schweppes online...