Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday We're In Love!

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Halloween is almost here, and boy are we excited! Costumes, candy, and creepy movies are right up our alley, along with a few other festive things...

Sally's Pick: 
I couldn't go through this week without watching one of my favorite scenes from Penelope, which is a modern fairy tale about a girl born with a family curse... a pig nose. At the end of the film, after discovering she could *spoiler alert* break the curse herself, she shows up at the residence of her "ineligible" suitor, the only one out of hundreds of after-her-sizable-dowry suitors whom she actually loved, disguised as her former self (she's now famous and everyone's dressing up like her) on Halloween night. But before she can reveal her true identity, "Max" realizes it's her and snatches her up for a squee-worthy kiss without even knowing that the curse has been broken i.e. AHHHHHHHH!!!!!! It's one of the best movie kisses ever, one I would very much like to be on the receiving end of (hellooo James McAvoy!), and you should really watch it right this instant!

Ali's Pick:
How do I love Halloween? Let me count the ways. Why is the week before my favorite holiday so awesome? It's not just the costume prepping and party planning. It is the fact that I can turn on the TV (well, at least the Family Channel; don't judge me)at any moment of the day and they will be showing Hocus Pocus. It is also the the only time I am officially allowed to break out that special edition DVD I bought last year, complete with Trick-or-Treat bag. Without fail Hocus Pocus is my favorite Halloween movie of ALL TIME! Why do I love it so much? First of all, the legend and location - it is set in the best Halloween town in the country after all (PS, life goal is to visit Salem for Halloween someday). Second, just look at the cast. Bette Middler is classic as Winifred Sanderson and Kathy Najimy (Mary) and Sarah Jessica Parker (Sarah) are a hoot! This is seriously my favorite SJP movie. Third, it boasts one of the best musical scenes in its genre. I die every time I watch the "I Put a Spell on You" number at the Halloween party. SO HILARIOUS (and clever because the witches actually use the song to cast a real spell. Cinematic GENIUS!). Finally, maybe it's the fact that it actually scared me in 1993. Ok, still does; but you have to admit that the black flame candle and that book are pretty darn creepy. Basically, I love this movie. If you've never seen it, give it a chance. I promise it won't disappoint! I will leave you with my favorite line "Bonjour, je veux mon livre." Hehehe.

Sarah's Pick:
Black nail polish. It goes with everything, it's always fashionable, and, above all, it's festive. Halloween is nothing without black nail polish. Go get you some today before you head out to those crazy ghoulish parties!

Mariah's Pick:
Would y'all judge me if I told you that watching Casper never fails to make me tear up? It's possible that I break this movie out on other occasions than just Halloween, but how can you not love it? Especially at the end when Casper gets to be a boy again so that he and Kat can dance at her Halloween party. Swoonage galore. I don't care how nineties-tastic this movie is, I LOVE it. And I even love the cheesy song they dance to, but I ESPECIALLY love when Casper whispers, "Can I keep you?" OH MAN, commence with the sniffling. Can I also point out how hot young Devon Sawa was? Older Devon Sawa is quite the looker, too, just in case you were curious.


  1. Besides being one of the most spine-tingling kisses ever, this scene also has the added bonus of Sigur Ros' Hoppipolla, which is guaranteed to make me like any scene in which it is played.

    I LOVE HOCUS POCUS! It's so delightfully creepy. When I was little it may or may not have given me nightmares...

    Now I have the urge to go paint my nails black. So festive!

  2. Also, I just noticed... Two of our picks have something in common. What a coincidence.

  3. Christina Ricci perhaps? Our twin natures strikes again!

    Hoppipolla is... the best song ever. BOOM. I said it. And did I squeal out loud over that kiss in the movie theater? Why yes... yes I did.

    I have not watched Hocus Pocus since we studied abroad (first and last time)... It still scares the bajesus out of me :X

    Black nails- lurrrrrv. My nails will be red this weekend if I stick with my current costume idea, but I'll paint them black for Monday!

  4. Oh sorry, I forgot to say... DEVON SAWAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!