Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"Paris is always a good idea."

To quote Sally, if Fassy is our king, then Audrey Hepburn is our queen. And a week full of posts about France and all its splendor simply wouldn't be complete without mention of all the fabulous Audrey movie moments that occur there. So, put on your best ballet flats and skinny jeans, because it's time to pay tribute to the queen of gamine, French style!

Sabrina (1954)
Sabrina: Maybe you should go to Paris, Linus. It helped me. Have you ever been there? 
Linus: Oh yes. Once. For thirty-five minutes.
Sabrina: Thirty-five minutes?
Linus: Changing planes. I was on my way to Iraq on an oil deal.
Sabrina: Oh, but Paris isn't for changing planes, it's for changing your outlook! For throwing open the windows and letting in... letting in la vie en rose. 
Linus: Paris is for lovers. Maybe that's why I stayed only thirty-five minutes.

Love in the Afternoon (1957)
This is the city - Paris, France. It is just like any other big city - London, New York, Tokyo - except for two little things. In Paris, people eat better. And in Paris, people make love - well, perhaps not better, but certainly more often. They do it any time, any place. On the left bank, on the right bank, and in between! They do it by day, and they do it by night. The butcher, the baker, and the friendly undertaker. They do it in motion, they do it sitting absolutely still. Poodles do it. Tourists do it. Generals do it. Once in a while even existentialists do it. There is young love, and old love. Married love, and innocent love.

Funny Face (1957)- 
Duval, please! I can't hear myself think, and I'm trying to think in French!

Charade (1963)-
Reggie: Any minute now we could be assassinated. Would you do anything like that?
Peter: What, assassinate someone?
Reggie: No, swing down from there on a rope to save the woman you love. Like the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Paris When it Sizzles (1964)- 
This is it. The office there, I live up here, and uh, the terrace is out there. That rather grotesque object looming so formidably on the horizon is the Eiffel Tower. I had it moved there to remind me what town I'm in. If it offends you, of course, I'll have it taken away again. 

How to Steal a Million (1966)-
Nicole: All right, where to?
Simon: The Ritz.
Nicole: The what?
Simon: The Hotel Ritz. It's in the Place VendĂ´me. 
Nicole: I know where it is. You're a very chic burglar.

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  1. For anyone who had not seen " How to see a Million Dollars" please do! Audery and Peter O'Toole are absolutely amazing together (and not to forget her CLOTHES also).

  2. Paris is indeed always a good idea! Take me back! And I'll take Audrey's wardrobe while I'm at it. Thanks.

  3. It's added to my queue, Erica! I can't believe I've never seen it. LOVE Peter O'Toole.

    I wish people still dressed like Audrey did. Her style was impeccable.

  4. Confession: I haven't seen Love in the Afternoon OR How to Steal a Million. Ah! So much Paris/Audrey goodness to catch up on! This classic combo truly is unbeatable. I want to BE Audrey Hepburn, especially in Paris!

  5. You should watch Love in the Afternoon! SOGOOD. I haven't seen How to Steal a Million, either, its in my queue