Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Scenes to be Seen

Left to Right: 1, 2, 3,
France, France, France;  we love movies set in France! (*sung to no particular tune*)   With so many different films and really, whole genres to choose from, we can't possibly describe every amazing scene from every fabulous film, but we can highlight a few.  With all of the choices, we have a wide array of examples that deserve a look.  

According to Mariah, "If you can make it through the "les avions en papier" scene of Les Choristes (my favorite French movie about friendship, growing up, family, and, of course, singing) without having a snot fest, as Sally so beautifully describes them, then you are a cruel, heartless person. Paper airplanes drifting through the air, from the topmost turret window, whilst the chorus of boys that have stolen your heart sing a beautiful French song = perfection. Go watch and fall in love; we won't blame you if you develop a massive crush on Jean-Baptiste Maunier..."

We aren't all saps for heartwarming movies about angel-voiced child singers, (okay, maybe we are) but we also appreciate a well-choreographed romantic scene (more than you know, trust me).  Sarah gives us an example with The Heartbreaker.  "I love The Heartbreaker!  Romain Duris and Vanessa Paradis have amazing chemistry, especially when they re-enact the last dance from Dirty Dancing.  Alex (Duris) has been learning the dance for weeks to snag Juliette (Paradis) - even going so far as to practice with his brother-in-law.  Is it any wonder that the fun-loving, chuck-wearing scene warms the heart?"

Then there are those wonderful dramas full of action and suspense.  I won't lie, I am a sucker for a good action movie.  And one that takes place in France?  Huge bonus points.  Needless to say it's hard to pick a favorite scene from the Count of Monte Cristo.  In a film based on an Alexandre Dumas book (one of France's most renowned authors) and one whose plot surrounds the exile of Napoleon (I've always loved Napoleon), there are so many to choose from.  Intrigue, revenge, romance; I swear I had to watch this movie five times before I actually understood the conspiracy.  Favorite scenes include the Chateau d'If escape and Edmond Dantes's party entrance in a hot air balloon.  However, the highlight of the film has to be the final fencing duel between Edmond and Fernand - best friends turned mortal enemies.  Paced to heart-racing perfection and shot in suspense-packed angles in a picturesque field, I dare you to watch this scene without biting your nails.  SO GOOD!  Oh, and also let me just mention that Henry Cavill is present in the background.

Finally, some of us enjoy the quirky romantic comedy/existential film set in Paris (again, we're all guilty).  Sally's choice couldn't be more appropriate.  "While the French major in me really wants to mention a French movie, I simply can't go through this week without fan flailing over my new favorite Midnight in Paris (because oh la la, it's like Woody Allen hacked my brain and wrote this masterpiece). While every scene had me either swooning or on the verge of tears over being separated from the true love of my life, Paris, one in particular had me in an uncontrollable giggle fit worthy of being kicked out of the theater. The main character, Gil, has traveled back in time to 1920s Paris once again and finds himself having a rather unusual yet casual conversation with one of his idols, Salvador Dali, who loves the French language, but not the waiters, and is apparently obsessed with rhinoceroses. This scene perfectly portrays just how memorable and unique the characters you run into in the City of Light truly are."  

Now that we have shared our highlights, leave us a comment and tell us what your favorite "set in France" scene is!  Chances are, we'll agree it's swoon-worthy.  


  1. The Heartbreaker was so good! Romain Duris is just the perfect combination of sauce gentleman and goofy man.

    Ahhh Dumas. One of my favorite writers. The Count of Monte Cristo was actually the first piece of classic literature I ever read, so it holds a special place in my heart.

    MUST SEE Midnight in Paris. We didn't get it in theaters here. It needs to hurry up and come out!

  2. Oh Jean Baptiste Maunier! I'm glad he's legal now- haha. His voice! His eyes! Oof.

    Hands down the best scene in The Heartbreaker! I WANT THAT TO HAPPEN TO ME AND IT'S TOTALLY REALISTIC, OK?!

    Ahhhhhlskejwlei The Count of Monte Cristo! That's the best duel evarrrr!!! Plus you get Jim Cavaziel, Guy Pearce, and friggin' HENRY CAVILL all in one charged scene. I CAN'T EVEN!

    Midnight in Paris doesn't come out till December 20th. What a scam! I can't wait the five days till Christmas! HEMINGWAY. That is all. Except to say... WHY did people stop wearing flapper dresses? Not ok.