Monday, October 3, 2011

We're Off to See the Wizard!

Summer is over, and fall is upon us which means more comfortable weather for outdoor activities!  One of my favorites being outdoor movies.  Luckily, my lovely city has outdoor movies by the river, and the last one of the season was The Wizard of Oz.

The lawn was packed, as it should have been, and I was over the rainbow (forgive me) about seeing one of the most famous movies of all time on the big screen.

The Wizard of Oz has that incredible ability to bring together all ages and generations.  I found myself laughing and occasionally humming along with everyone else.  One of my favorite things in that movie is that the wizard tells Dorothy that he's "a Kansas man myself," except that the balloon he flies away in has "Omaha" plastered across it.  Omaha, in case you are wondering, is in Nebraska, not Kansas.  But, my number one favorite scene in the movie is when Dorothy opens door of her home right after she lands in Oz, and all the colors and life of Oz flood the screen.    

It is breathtaking and moving at the same time.  Why would you ever want to leave a place like that?  Oh, well, I guess family that loves and misses you is a good reason.


  1. It really doesn't get any more classic than "Over the Rainbow."

  2. Haha- I can just see you sitting there and cackling, Sarah! Anyway, this sounds like the perfect way to pass an evening. I only wish I could click my ruby slippers and be down there with you in the South's version of fall weather!