Tuesday, November 29, 2011


In plaid no less!
*FAN FLAIL*!!! Tomorrow my original celebrity husband and bass player de McFly extraordinaire, Dougie Poynter, is turning 24. So we just felt the need to say congrats twice over! Ever endearing with his antics and the outrageous-but-terribly-quotable (especially with that British accent) things he says, it's almost unfair that he's got woo-you-in-your-sleep good looks to match. What am I saying? It is unfair! If I were ever to meet him again, I'd be torn between the impulse to climb on top of the signing table and profess my love for him or run up and pinch his cheeks. Or, let's just be honest, tackle him to the ground... What can I say? He inspires ladylike behavior! Right now Dougie's fighting for the crown in I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! but I'd like to remind him that I crowned him in my heart with the nickname "my sweet prince" first! May his 24th year bring us bass slides galore, catchy tunes, and even more go-to quotes for our inside joke arsenal. Happy Almost Birthday, Dougie!

P.S. *pinches his cheeks*

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