Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday We're In Love!

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Mariah: As of this Tuesday, after 37 years of mystery (because Brian Wilson wasn't completely happy with the recording), The Beach Boy's The Smile Sessions is finally available for the world to hear, and it's some pretty trippy stuff. The album is very much the Sgt. Pepper of The Beach Boy's catalog, so don't go in expecting their typical sound, in other words, this album isn't for everyone. Now, excuse me while I go rock out to Heroes and Villains.

Ali:  My pick this week is a book I happen to have recently finished aaaand subsequently wept over.  Probably my favorite book of 2011.  If you like adventure, tragic love stories, and secretly (or not so secretly) harbor an inexplicable love for Africa, then you will love this book.  Wildflower: An Extraordinary Life and Untimely Death in Africa by Mark Seal uses letters and personal interviews to paint a vivid picture of the life and death of wildlife filmmaker and conservationist Joan Root in Kenya.  It is hard to explain how truly moving this book is.  It is almost epic in its scope.  From swimming with hippos, to BBC documentaries; from hot air balloon flights over Kilimanjaro, to rescuing baby flamingos, Wildflower is a stirring, very human story of survival.  It is also beautifully written.  I have to share the opening lines: "She always knew he would come back to her. He would climb into his helicopter at first light one Nairobi morning and rise above the screaming madhouse of the city, tilting west over East Africa’s largest slum, and flying out into wonder: out over the Great Rift Valley, the cradle of civilization, a three- thousand- mile- long seam in the earth that stretches from Syria to Mozambique but is at its most glorious here in Kenya. As the floor of the world dropped away, opening into endless sky and a breathtaking vista, he would follow this corridor straight back to her."

Sally: This week it was announced that two of my favorite things are about to collide: True Blood and Lucy Griffiths i.e. Maid Marian from BBC's Robin Hood i.e. my favorite female character on TV ever (because, man, I wanted to be her!). She'll be playing Eric's vampire "sister" next season, which is too good to be true because she's incredible and Eric's the best there's ever been! And I just can't even begin to convey my FEELINGS or process all the goodness being thrown at me right now!!!!!

Sarah: I started listening to Christmas music this week.  Judge me if you want, but I really did it for y'all.  I had to start listening to it early enough to tell you that A Very She & Him Christmas is amazing, and you must buy it this season.  Who else can do a cover of Little Saint Nick by the Beach Boys and get away with it?

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  1. I obviously have some listening and reading to do! But as excited as I am about She & Him's Christmas album, I will put that off till after Thanksgiving. I AM JUDGING YOU SARAH!