Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday We're In Love!

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Sally's Pick: There's absolutely nothing like first setting your ears on a band when they're playing live and being struck with the feeling that you and their music are going to be together forever. Over the weekend this happened with me and a unique band called Locksley who've got a 60s feel to both their look and music (full of "ooos" and hand clapping!) and a dizzying energy on stage. I went nuts dancing in the crowd to fun and catchy tunes like "The Whip" and "Darling, It's True" and immediately ran home to download their album and free EP, which I've had on repeat ever since.

Ali's Pick: FAN-FLAIL: It has finally been announced that the Star Trek Sequel will begin shooting in January! I am just a little bit excited for this; I love me some Captain Kirk (the new one, please). While it may not be showing until 2013, I heard they are casting extras now and so would like to audition for the part of C.K.'s new love interest.

Mariah's Pick: As evidenced by my Congrats on Your Face post earlier this week, I LOVE gingers, and a ginger who can sing- that's even better. Ed Sheeran's new album "+" is my current musical addiction; I promise your ears will be thanking you if you give it a listen. "The A Team," "Small Bump," "Lego House," and "Give Me Love" are the songs you should go listen to immediately; what are you waiting for?

Sarah's Pick: I just found out this week that The Maine's new album Pioneer is dropping December 6th. They released two singles from the new album this week, and they have been experimenting with their sound. It's time to update your Christmas list!

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