Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Introducing No Shave November...!!!

It's November! One of the most wonderful times of the year! A time to give thanks for that which we we are truly grateful: men and their beards! Edit: men who can actually grow beards and still look gorgeous. This month we'll introduce you to some of our favorite manly beaus. They could court us with our without the scruff, but secretly we harbor a weakness for their rugged looks. OR NOT SO SECRETLY BECAUSE OH MY GOSH! But perhaps you disagree (whaaaaaaat?), so there'll be a handy little poll at the end of each post for you to vote: beard or no beard?
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First up is a man's man and a Scot i.e. quite possibly the most deadly combo for females with a flair for fainting fits (quelle alliteration!). Could you be any nicer to look at, Gerard Butler? Ohhh wait, you grew a beard. Apparently you can! Well, anyway, that's just my humble opinion. As surely as P.S. I Love You will make you cry, we're sure you like him either way. But share your preference anyway!