Thursday, November 10, 2011

proposals gone wrong: in review

It should go without saying that after six weeks of proposals gone wrong, I have a lot of FEELINGS. Thus, I have decided to send them off into the world with a fond farewell. There have been a lot of tears, hands-over-hearts, sorrow-snot tissues, and even changes of opinion. The more I watched some of them, the more I found they ranked differently in certain categories than I originally anticipated. So now I bring you an award ceremony, because we haven't over-analyzed these enough already! Awards shall be given in no particular order. Everyone's a winner! Although in some cases, they're definitely losers. *Drumroll* May I have the envelope please?

While I was quite vocal about the 2005 version of Pride & Prejudice's deviations from the book, there's no denying the appeal of being proposed to in a Grecian temple in the rain. Like... can I camp out there till that can happen to me? K thanks. 

Angel Clare pretty much did everything right in his initial proposal in Tess of the d'Urbervilles. Running across a field whilst smiling? Opening with, "Tess, you're not to Mr. Clare me ever again"? Please! If I saw this running towards me, I'd definitely say yes before he even asked!

In sour contrast, Mossie Sheehan did everything wrong when he proposed to Elizabeth in Falling for a Dancer. Red flag #1: bringing your cousin to ask for you. That may be the custom, but... you know better where this girl's concerned!

Knowing just how agonized Tess is over telling Angel she can't marry him in Tess of the d'Urbervilles, knowing it's mutual, and especially knowing all the bad shizz that's about to come her way, I'll let this one slide. Even if I can hardly see through the creyes!
Margaret in North & South lost the most points for unladylike behavior. First she won't let Mr. Thornton thank her for saving his life. Then she goes and insults him, saying things she's totes going to regret saying later, when she knows he's a good man who's trying his best. Sidenote: I almost gave her 'most likely to be used as my punching bag,' but I didn't want to entirely stoop to her level...

In Falling for a Dancer, Elizabeth is just plain cruel. From "You are clearly stupid... or deaf," to "You peasant thug!" she's the least likely to tiptoe around the guy's feelings. But she gets a well deserved tongue lashing in return!

It's no secret that I take this one personally. And it's an absolute miracle I'm able to keep rooting for Jo in Little Women after she rejects Laurie. Say what you will about her future husband (*cough* Sarah *cough*), but this was NOT ok! This is unforgivable!!!

 Speaking of Laurie, OMGZ!!!!!!!!! GUH! No words necessary.

Uaaaghhhh Darcy! Your FACE! In 1995's Pride & Prejudice, he flashes so effortlessly between awkwardness, love, pride, incredulity, anger, bitterness, and remorse. And what's more, he makes each one believable! It's the little details in his movements, his phrasing, the way he carries himself... De-licious! Ahem...

When I started this series, I legitimately thought Tess of the d'Urbervilles induced the most CREYES FOR EYES, but I was wrong! I just have too many ALL CAPS FEELINGS attached to Anne and Gilbert in Anne of Green Gables (The Sequel). All manner of guttural noises escape my lips watching this gut-wrencher along with at least three months-worth of tears. Even knowing that they eventually get together! They're both heartbroken! I just... can't even... *SOB* 

There is so much good stuff packed into this scene from Pride & Prejudice (2005), it's almost too good to be true. The rain. Darcy's jacket. Darcy's face. Their proximity. The thunder clap. The almost kiss... Talk about a corset burster! 

Hands down this one goes to John Thornton in North & South (and his silky voice doesn't hurt either!):
  • "I'm well aware that in your eyes, at least, I'm not a gentleman."
  • "I spoke to you about my feelings because I love you! I have no thought for your reputation!"
  • "I don't want to possess you! I wish to marry you because I love you!"
  • "I do understand. I understand you completely."

"The mode of your declaration merely spared me any concern I might have felt in refusing you had you behaved in a more gentlemanlike manner." Wowzah!!! Elizabeth Bennet in Pride & Prejudice (1995) by a landslide!

Just thinking about Gilbert Blythe saying, "Please say yes" in Anne of Green Gables (The Sequel)... *INFINITE SOBS!* In-fi-nite! The way his voice changes! The pleading look on his face! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Somebody hold me! Preferably Gilbert!

So there you have it. My favorite proposals gone wrong all wrapped up in a nice big bow. I hope you've enjoyed this pity party as much I have! And if you're wanting a follow up on their proposals gone right, by all means let me know! Who on earth could say no?! Except maybe all these fictional ladies the first go 'round...


  1. I'm sitting here staring at the poll, and I SIMPLY CANNOT CHOOSE! It seems like such a cop-out to select the TOO MANY FEELINGS option, but how am I supposed to choose between Laurie's heartbrokenness and POOR delicious Gilbert and oh Darcy you just can't help your feelings and MR. THORNTON I SHALL MARRY YOU. And personally, I liked your other award name for Margaret. I'll happily punch her for you. Also, how is it that Jane Eyre didn't make it on here, at all?!
    (Who am I kidding, I'm choosing North and South. Thornton gets me every time. I STILL LOVE YOU MR. DARCY!)

  2. P.S.- I realize that Jane was not part of the series, this was me belatedly saying that it was sort of a proposal gone wrong...

  3. Mmm yeah I did consider Jane Eyre since it *is* a rather awful misunderstanding. But in the end, I decided to keep it to the ones where the girls actually said "no" and made the guy ask again. I DO LOVE THAT ONE THOUGH AND I CAN'T CHOOSE EITHER!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I've been agonizing over this for nearly a week (because I'm not enough of a sap/nerd already!). But AT THIS MOMENT IN TIME (<-- very important) it's North & South. Rawrmitage, those fiery lines. I'd really like to be on the receiving end of that one! Sure I'd like to have a showdown with Margaret, but at least this one doesn't make me cry and hook up to a chocolate IV.