Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Victorian Swag Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, dear readers! We hope you've had a wonderful holiday full of friends, family, and second helpings. As you well know, we've been spending the week in our Victorian Swag digs du jour, Riven Rock, with our celebrity/fictional boyfriends. But come this morning, it was time to put the games of sardines and snuggling aside (dang it!) to open our doors for our honored guests and a Thanksgiving feast.

Whittling down our dream dinner party to 20 people (an idea which we were completely inspired by/stole from mixtapes & cupcakes) who we all loved and predicted would mesh well was a chaotic mess, but in the end we couldn't have been happier!

Concerned about keeping the conversation flowing and upbeat, we probably toiled over the seating arrangement as much as the food. Luckily, now we can tell you quite confidently that everyone got along splendidly! Obviously our royals King Fassy, Queen Audrey, and Prince Eddie were the first to be invited, closely followed by our respective dates. The rest of our guests were a smattering of fictional and non-fictional favorites that we positively had to have there no matter what. Ali was knee-deep in bribes to move to the UK from Henry Cavill and James McAvoy, though Fassy trumped them all proposing a secret getaway in his native Ireland. Mariah couldn't choose between being a sidekick on adventures with Doctor Who, Indiana Jones, or even the reserved but charming Captain America. The piemaker, Ned, gave Sarah baking tips to help her further wow Rupert Friend, though he was obviously quite smitten anyway. And I was about to combust with the mere proximity of some of my greatest inspirations including J.K. Rowling, Audrey Hepburn, and (ahem) Richard Armitage. Meanwhile terribly fascinating discussions were erupting from the middle of the table between our beloved Gilbert Blythe, Anne Shirley, Arthur Pendragon, Eddie Redmayne, and Elizabeth Bennet. By the time we took coffee and dessert into the living room and out onto the back porch, we all fell naturally into deep conversations with people we hadn't been sitting next to at dinner.

What a relief that all 20 of us felt like a tight-knit little unit by the end of the evening! We lit sparklers for a nighttime stroll along the beach and wrestled Christmas albums out of our dates' hands (it's not midnight yet!). In a word it was perfection... even if Peter Pan scoffed at his invitation saying he was far above soirées with adults. Still! We couldn't have asked for a more memorable Thanksgiving and we hope to see everyone together soon (a masquerade ball perhaps?)! Our only question is: if you were throwing your dream Thanksgiving, who would you invite? 

P.S. If you're wondering if we all held hands as we gave thanks before dinner... Yes! Yes we did! It's okay to be jealous!


  1. I LOVE THIS POST. Really. We should find a way to incorporate stuff like this more often! I will admit it was a LOT of work and involved many moments where I wanted to pull my hair out. But it's just SO MUCH FUN! I wish I really could go on adventures with Indy and the Doctor and Captain America! Ugh!

  2. BEST POST EVER! This really is a dream team table. I really wish we could sit down with all of them!

  3. THIS POST IS AWESOME!!!!! Y'all did such a great job!

  4. Mariah did such a good job! Major thanks to your photoshop skills! But ahhhhhhhh I really wish this happened!!