Wednesday, December 14, 2011

All I Want For Christmas Is You!

Mini Christmas fan-fics? Yeah... we went there! But who's surprised? Nobody!
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Sally: "Nobody's perf-" the words caught in Sally's throat as Bradley James rounded the corner of the castle on horseback. She froze, blinded by gleam of his armor and the sudden shine of his smile, while Ali, Mariah, and Sarah dispersed throughout the courtyard like their lives depended on the impromptu study of gargoyles. All she could do was laugh, especially when he started singing "You're the Voice," purposefully hitting the wrong notes. "Now tell me, fair maiden-" he couldn't keep a straight face-"did you get everything you wished for this year?" Snow flurries began to fall, Bradley smirked like he had summoned them himself, and Sally stood on tiptoe for a big "yes" kiss.

Mariah: "The third, definitely the third," Mariah argued while Zachary Levi stubbornly shook his head. "Nope, the first is by far superior, how you could think otherwise is beyond me." He reached to grab a Christmas cookie off the still hot baking sheet, and she smacked his hand with her spatula. Pouting, he moved to poke her stomach while she brandished her culinary weapon in the air. "En garde," she giggled when he retaliated with her battered baking spoon. Alas, her triumph was short-lived when Zach pelted her with a handful of flour. "Victory is mine!" He gave her one of his famous grins, which, as always, rendered her speechless, and then leaned in to claim his prize. 

Sarah: Garrett Hedlund offered Sarah one plaid clad arm as they walked from his truck to the skate rental booth.  Ali, Mariah, and Sally were also in line with their skating partners and everyone exchanged excited smiles.  As they walked in their skates to the ice, Sarah looked at Garrett and said a little apprehensively, "This was a great idea while we were planning this outing, but I'm starting to think that my lack of grace may just put a damper on the fun."  He smiled and chuckled.  "You're going to be fine!  I won't let you fall."  She wobbled a little as she stepped on the ice, but Garrett was right behind her.  He wrapped his arms around her tight, and she didn't fall the whole time.

Ali: Ali was sitting alone in her favorite spot in her favorite Parisian café; her notebook balanced precariously on the table next to a steaming latté while she scribbled away at a story about a girl, alone in Paris at Christmas.  Snow had just begun to fall as she looked up from her screen and around the room at the other regulars.  Disappointed at who she didn’t see, she went back to her writing.  As the door opened behind her, she was hit with an icy blast which was quickly followed by an icy kiss on the cheek as Andrew Garfield slipped into the adjacent chair and sipped the cream off the top of her steaming mug, a sly smile playing at his lips.  “There you are,” she said as he grabbed her mittened hand, “I’ve been waiting for you.”


  1. Sally- Now every time I watch Merlin, I'm going to think of a singing, adorable, Bradley James. You guys should totally date in real life. I'm going to start shipping y'all as a couple.

    Sarah- Lets all go ice skating together with our fictional boyfriends! Such a perfect idea. Except, someone might have to hold me up too, because I really am the worst ice skater in the whole world!

    Ali- SOOOO romantic! I feel like your mini fic is all serious and brooding. Just like that picture of Andrew.

  2. I cannot handle this post!! I want to sleep with it under my pillow! Too. dang. funny.

    First off, I'm all for you shipping me and Bradley, Mariah! Even if I was too starstruck to talk to him that one time :X I blame the freaking chainmail! Just make sure the ship isn't called Sa-dley or Brad-ly... because... you know... those would suck.

    Speaking of shipping, Mariah, you and Zachary Levi are just MEANT TO BE! My mind is blown. Like... we need to start devising a way for you two to meet. I mean, maybe that's tempting fate since you're bound to be together either way, but OH MY GOSH!

    Sarah, you know how I feel about Garrett Hedlund.... ahem! And you put in plaid! My brain sort of imploded on itself. Nice choice! More than nice... mmm... sorry Bradley! What!

    Ali and Andrew? I kind of LOVE you together and want more fanfic right this second! And in Paris? That was just perfection. Per-fec-tion! I want mooooore!!!

  3. We'll just have to hatch some sort of evil plan in which Bradley falls in love with you and Zach in love with me. I mean, I've only ever dated/been in love with guys named Zach (okay there is one exception, but we won't talk about he-who-shall-remain-nameless), so why break with tradition?!