Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday We're In Love!

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Ah, it's Friday once again and time to celebrate those little things in life that we just can't do without.  Here are the picks for this week; have a great weekend everyone!

Sally’s Pick: As a Navy kid, I've pretty much been a fan of the Naval Academy's glee club my entire life; they have such a unique sound and spirit and, hello, they're in uniform! I drove to Annapolis this past weekend to see them sing Handel's Messiah and with all those Midshipmen singing like they invented wooing, in their chapel that I've long harbored fantasies of getting married in no less, you could visibly see me melting off the pew into a puddle of Christmasy bliss. "For Unto Us A Child Is Born" and "Hallelujah" gave me chills and, I'm telling you, I could have married the entire slew of them on the spot!

Mariah’s Pick: Perhaps I'm just transferring my love of LOST to a show written by the same writers (there are a TON of LOST-related easter eggs in this show), but Once Upon a Time has really sucked me in. I love that we're finding out all of this backstory to some of our favorite characters, and while it might not be canon, it's certainly interesting. And since Disney owns ABC, there are tons of wonderful Disney bits that have been snuck into the show as well, like a pet Dalmatian named Pongo...

Sarah's Pick: Oh, the sun!  We haven't seen it in a while but I know that it has to still exist.  I know this because I saw a b-e-a-utiful sunrise this morning!  I miss the warmth at times, but I'll take just seeing it over clouds and rain any day.  

Ali’s Pick: I have a confession to make. I LOVE wrapping presents – big, small, incredibly odd shaped; you name it, I can’t wait to wrap it!  I love picking out the pretty paper, folding perfect corners, and creating complicated bows with tons of ribbon curls; it’s just happiness. As Christmas gets ever closer and my gift shopping nears its end, it is finally time to start wrapping all of those carefully chosen gifts this weekend (Woohoo!).  

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