Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Raise your hand if you were slightly appalled when you heard Benedict Cumberbatch was going to be playing Sherlock Holmes in Steven Moffat's TV adaptation. If you were smart enough to be instantly excited, then good for you. We were too busy thinking of his brilliant but majorly creepy role as the older man who marries the much younger Lola in Atonement. Thankfully, we've come 'round, because we happen to think that his turn as our favorite sleuth is one of the best in Sherlock history. Mr. Cumberbatch has certainly been making the rounds recently with War Horse, Tinker Tailer Soldier Spy, and his upcoming roles in The Hobbit and the untitled Star Trek sequel. And while he may not be conventionally handsome, his gorgeous voice (he certainly makes our top-ten list) and onscreen presence-- not to mention ginger hair-- will surely win you over. We give you leave to spend the rest of the day trolling YouTube for videos of Ben... no worries, we'll be doing the same.


  1. Honestly, I have blocked all things Atonement out my mind, so I didn't even remember that creepy role. I was thinking more of Amazing Grace and period piece glory when I heard he'd be in Sherlock. Mmm!!!! I LOVE YOUR FACE BENEDICT! MAKE ME YOUR MRS. CUMBERBATCH!!!!!!!

    P.S. Pardonnez-moi, but that link to C-batch and Hiddles in the SAME interview?!?! OMGeezies off the heezies!!!!

  2. I LOVE Atonement... The book and the movie! SO GOOD. But he just overwhelms me in Sherlock (in a good way of course.)

    P.S.- AGREED. Hence the reason I posted it...