Thursday, January 5, 2012

Downton Abbey 1x7

Season one finale! Can you believe it?! It's lucky I'm only armed with smelling salts and not a baseball bat... Anyway, it opens with the servants preparing for the family's return from London. William's mother died sometime during that time and I just want somebody to throw him a bone. Thanks to some handy text at the bottom of the screen, we find out it's July 1914. Time flies when they keep you in the dark! When the family arrives they reveal that Mary is extending her stay in the city with her aunt. Not much has happened in their absence besides the assassination of the Archduke. Lady G congratulates Sybil for being such a hit in London, which gives Edith a mad bout of middle child syndrome. Get over it, Edith! In London Aunt Rosamund tries to get in Mary's business and tells her that marrying Cousin Matthew would be "very tidy." No! Doesn't she know you can't use words like "tidy" around Mary? This is all going to backfire! Back at Downton, William wears a black armband to honor his mother. Lord G catches the doctor leaving the house and discovers that...
So sweet I might just lapse into a sugar coma!
LADY G'S PREGNANT (smelling salts +1)! OMG I CAN'T EVEN DEAL! Yayyy!!!! Another baby G! Outside, O'Brien's pretty darn smug about a letter she's received and she shares it with Thomas... this can't be good. They show the letter to Carson and apparently it concerns Mr. B, because they have nothing better to do. Gah! Just leave it! Mr. Napier, Pamuk's friend, shows up to visit Mary, apparently having called off his engagement. She seems uncomfortable, as if she's thinking he might suddenly propose to her. Instead he tells her that's he's not the source of the rumors going around town about her, which have been making her life there so difficult.
I do have a soft spot for this man...
He tells her it was a letter received by the Turkish ambassador... from Edith! Ah yes! THANK YOU MR. NAPIER (smelling salts +2)! Finally her secret's out and vengeance is in the air! Ooo Edith are you in for it! Carson and Mrs. Hughes discuss how if the baby's a boy it'll be hard on Cousin Matthew. The Countess is quite upset that her lady's maid might be leaving soon. Lord G assures Cousin Matthew he'll make provisions for him if it's a boy and then asks about his cook. Thomas is a total jerk making rude comments about William's mother in the kitchen and then Mrs. Patmore burns herself. Her eyes have gotten so much worse! Carson shows Mr. B the letter and asks him to deny the allegations, but he can't. Aunt Rosamund tells Mary she ought to wait to find out whether the baby will boy or not before giving Cousin Matthew an answer. Devil woman! GTFO! Downton prepares to get a telephone and Carson and Lord G discuss their doubts about the contents of the letter. Mary returns home and everyone wants to know if she's made a decision about Cousin Matthew's proposal, but she still hasn't decided. The Countess tells Lady G that her lady's maid is indeed leaving and Lady G offers to help her find a new one. But the discussion inevitably reverts back to reigning drama of the day.
Countess: Now don't let Mary wait for the baby before she gives Matthew her answer.
Lady G: I'm sure it's another girl.
Countess: I know those men of the moral high ground. If she won't say yes when he might be poor, he won't want her when he will be rich.

Ahhh! I love the Countess! Mrs. Patmore is called in to see Lord G and he announces that he's going to send her to London with Anna to see an eye specialist. In her absence, the Crawley's cook will be in charge of Downton's kitchens. Cousin Matthew gets in a fight with Mary, quite rightly, about her refusal to give him an answer just yet. Surely she's had months now! Bah!
Baby, baby blue eyes! ILU.
All hail his crystal blue angry eyes (smelling salts +3)! Mrs. Patmore and the Crawley's cook, Mrs. Bird, go head to head bickering in the kitchen. Cousin Matthew tells his mother what has happened with Mary, but reprimands her when she starts speaking against Mary and the Countess. No one believes that Mr. B is telling the whole story and Lord G laments that Thomas and O'Brien are stirring up all this trouble. Just as O'Brien walks into the room, Lady G asks him, "So I should sack O'Brien instead?" Ugh! Worst. timing. ever. She huffs outside to rant to Thomas and he tells her she shouldn't let it bother her since all their lives will change with the impending war. He says, "I don't want to be a footman anymore, but I don't intend to be killed in battle either." Classic Thomas. Always scheming. Personally, I hope he winds up all alone in front of a cannon ready to blow. Before Mrs. Patmore leaves, she asks Daisy to sort of sabotage Mrs. Bird's cooking so they don't prefer her cooking while she's away. Man, she's paranoid! The telephone man comes to look around the house, Sir Anthony arrives to take Edith for a spin (WHY?), and Sybil discovers that the telephone man can't find a good secretary. Quelle chance! She promises him another application. Anna drops Mrs. Patmore off at the hospital and then seeks out a military building to look up Mr. B's history. Daisy grates soap into the soup... yuck! The soldier looking up Mr. B's history tells Anna (who's pretending to be his cousin in order to get this info) it was "an odd business," but will only give her Mr. B's mother's address.
I'm amazed at her self control. PUSH HER OVER THE RAILING, MARY!
Mary approaches Edith about the letter, giving her the chance to deny it. But Edith tells her the Turkish ambassador had a right to know how his countryman died "in the arms of a slut!" EDITH! I WILL CUT YOU! After a delicious dinner (guess it wasn't sabotaged), Edith tells Lady G that on her drive with Sir Anthony he told her he has a question for her at the upcoming garden party. Yuck! Lady G tells her she must think very carefully about her answer and Mary adds, "Yes, I should think very carefully about a lot of things." Spicy!!! I just really want to see Mary give Edith a dose of her own medicine. Mary and Cousin Matthew eye-lock across the room before Lord G whisks Matthew away to look at where the telephone's going. The Countess finds this rather upsetting.
Countess: First electricity, now telephones. Sometimes I feel as if I were living in an H.G. Wells novel... The young are all so calm about change, aren't they? Look at Matthew. I do admire him!
Mrs. Crawley: Do you?
Countess: What have I done wrong now?
Mrs. Crawley: Oh please! Don't pretend Mary's sudden reluctance can't be traced back to you.
Countess: Well I shall pretend it! I told her to take him! Your quarrel is with my daughter Rosamund, not me. So put that in your pipe and smoke it!

She is so fiesty (smelling salts +4)!!!!! I love her to pieces! Molesley catches Thomas with Carson's wallet- wuh-oh! Lord G and Cousin Matthew have a moment as Lord G tells him he'd be proud to have him as a son-in-law whatever his prospects. Ugh! My creyes! The servants sit down for dinner and Thomas tells O'Brien he overheard that the family has started advertising for her replacement. It's not true! Gah! These two make me so angry! Daisy is surprised when Carson says the family enjoyed dinner. Turns out that Mrs. Bird suspected she was up to something and switched the soups, so now the servants are eating the soapy soup! Everyone spits it out and Daisy confesses, crying. Mrs. Bird tells her that there are "worse crimes than loyalty." Aw. The next day Sybil approaches the telephone man about Gwen's application, but he says there was no proof that she had sufficient work experience. Sybil admits that they thought he'd turn up his nose at a housemaid and left that information out.
Gwen is brought to the room for an interview with him! Yippee! Anna goes to visit Mr. B's mum and finds out that it was his wife who stole the regimental silver. He took the blame for it, even though everyone knew it was her, and got thrown in jail. When Thomas escorts the doctor out of the house, he expresses an interest in medicine because he wants to be "useful" when the war breaks out. The doctor says he'll make inquiries... If I saw Thomas's face looming over me in a hospital, I'd die instantly. Carson tells Lord G about Molesley catching Thomas stealing and they decide to fire him after the garden party. Mrs. Patmore returns to Downton and she and Mrs. Bird bond over their mutual disdain for Mrs. Hughes being in charge of managing the store cupboard. Intimidated by the new phone, Carson amusingly practices answering it only to find an operator on the other end. O'Brien walks in on Lady G and the Countess discussing potential lady's maids. Don't get your pantaloons in such a twist, O'Brien, they're not talking about you! Anna tells Lord G what she discovered about Mr. B in London.
Lady G discusses lady's maids with O'Brien as she takes a bath and accidentally drops the soap on the floor. It breaks in half and O'Brien proceeds to give her one half and says the other one is under the bathtub. But instead she slides it out from under it, right where Lady G's going to have to step when she gets out! NO!!! NO!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! This is the biggest O'Bitch move in history and if I could, I would be breaking through my computer screen to strangle her. I just... don't even want to watch... She leaves the bathroom and then looking in the bedroom mirror she says, "This is not who you are." She turns to warn Lady G, but it's too late. Lady G has slipped, fallen, and presumably miscarried. I HATE YOU O'BRIEN! I HATE YOU!!!!!!! Words cannot express how much I HATE you! Mr. B goes to check on Lord G only to find out that it was a boy. Ugh! Lord G's face! CREYES! I am literally sobbing. He tries to pull himself together and tells Mr. B that he spoke to Anna and has decided that he will stay at Downton. And he "needs some good news today." ALL CAPS FEELINGS! Downstairs the servants ask O'Brien how she's doing since she was there when it happened. Oh. how. I. hate. her.
Everybody hates Thomas.
Thomas then walks in saying the events of the day were no big deal and everyone is livid. William is especially incredulous at the horrible things he's saying and Thomas replies, "Blimey! If he carries on like this for the unborn baby of a woman who scarcely knows his name, no wonder he fell to pieces when his own mum snuffed it." William jumps up and punches him (smelling salts +5)! YES!!! They brawl, but Branson and Carson break it up. No one reprimands William, thank goodness, because Thomas totally had it coming! At the garden party, the black-eyed Thomas gets word from the doctor that he's found a position for him and he's to report to the local recruiting office ASAP. Daisy apologizes to William for being so unkind to him lately (smelling salts +6)! She's finally coming to her senses! Back in the kitchen, everyone is too scared to answer the telephone apart from Branson. He takes a message and apparently it's very important because the next thing you know he's running across the yard to Sybil to whisper in her ear (smelling salts +7)! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! PROXIMITY!!!! They run and find Gwen to tell her she got the job (smelling salts +8)! I always knew she could do it! Then there's a group hug (smelling salts +9)! Mrs. Hughes reprimands them for celebrating while the party's still going on and Gwen scurries off. Sybil and Branson, however, are standing side by side and you can see Sybil look down... The camera doesn't pan that way, but I'm guessing Branson's holding her hand and- (smelling salts +10)! Heavens, did I just faint?! Wait a second, I have to rewind...
MAHHH HE DEFINITELY TAKES HER HAND AFTER THE GROUP HUG (smelling slats +11)! OMG!! He starts to say, "I don't suppose-" but Mrs. Hughes tells Sybil that Lady G was asking for her.
The thought of what he was going to ask has me reeling (smelling salts +12)! Dang it, Mrs. Hughes! We were so close to romantical bliss! Sybil walks away leaving Branson with a smile on his face. Mrs. Hughes tells him, "Be careful, my lad. Or you'll end up with no job and a broken heart." Ah! I'm so happy this hasn't all been in my head! Justification! But he tells her he doesn't know what she means. Sir Anthony can't find Edith and Mary tells him that "there was some old bore she was trying to dodge." Thomas gives Carson his notice. Oh man! I was really looking forward to seeing him get fired. Edith begs Sir Anthony not to leave, but he makes his excuses. In the distance, Mary raises her glass to her. Maha! You do not mess with Mary, Edith! No proposal for you! O'Brien checks on Lady G and undeservedly gets called "sweet." Wretched woman! I want her to burst into flames! The countess approaches her and tells her that Lady G has been helping her find a new maid and wants to see the letters that have come in from the advertisement. At last O'Brien knows that she's assumed the role of life-ruiner for no reason. AND I HATE HER!!! Anna talks with Mr. B who still insists that she doesn't know the whole truth. He also reveals that he doesn't know where his thieving wife is... potentially problematic. Molesley comes up and asks him if he knows if Anna has anyone special in her life. Mr. B says she does and that the man is "very keen indeed" (smelling salts +13). Mary and Cousin Matthew are having another argument and I'm guessing she told him she'd marry him now. But he's not having any of it. He says he can't be sure of anything, least of all her, and can't stay at Downton now either. No, Matthew, NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!
Matthew: I'm not a puppet. And I must take charge of my own life again. 
Mary: Would you have stayed if I had accepted you?
Matthew: Of course.
Mary: So I've ruined everything?
Matthew: You've shown me I've been living in a dream. And it's time to return to real life. Wish me luck with it, Mary. God knows I wish the best for you.

He leaves her crying under a tree and when the Countess sees hims striding across the lawn, she reprimands Rosamund for her meddling. Carson goes to comfort Mary and she says she's "never down for long." Ah! Don't cry Mary! The Countess tells Mrs. Crawley she thinks Mary was very foolish not to accept Matthew earlier and in turn Mrs. Crawley admits that she thinks Matthew is making a mistake. A telegram arrives for Lord G and he immediately jumps up to stop the music after he reads it. The season ends with him announcing that England is at war with Germany. DUN DUN DUN!!!!!

Best. show. EVER. I hope you've enjoyed these complex characters and intricate plots as much as I have! It boggles my mind how easily this series makes me swoon and cry over my broken heart. Be sure to watch the season 2 premier Sunday night on PBS. Will Mary and Cousin Matthew make amends before he's sent to war? Will Sybil and Branson have lots of babies? Will Mr. B finally allow himself to be happy and stop stiff-arming Anna's adoration? Will Edith jump off a cliff already? The possibilities are endless! Here's the trailer:



  1. UGH can not wait!!!!!!!! til Sunday!!!! So excited about the new season!!! Sunday evenings will be greatly anticipated for me at least. Love this show!

  2. I finished re-watching last night and I CANNOT WAIT for Sunday! Erica and I are going to have a "viewing dinner" where we eat too much good food and talk about the FEELINGS that this show gives us!

  3. That sounds amazing! I want to join! Though... I'm probably going to be screaming BRANSON the entire time.