Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Downton Abbey 1x6

We jump straight back in with Sybil in the midst of what looks like a rally! Because the topic is women's rights, the crowd's a fiery one and when they start throwing things, everyone from Branson to Mrs. Crawley are concerned for Sybil's welfare, trying to keep the rioters at bay. 
I <3 PDA!
Like... there is physical contact between Sybil (#1 favorite female character) and Branson (#1 male character) and OH MY GOSH, Y'ALL (smelling salts +1)! Our darling golden-hearted girl wants to stay and hear the rest of the speeches, but Mrs. Crawley tells her if anything happens to her, Branson will lose his job, so she leaves because she loves him. In the car Sybil tells him that she hopes he will go into politics and he gets carried away talking about the gap in wealth between the rich and the poor. Back at Downton we find out the Mrs. Patmore has cataracts. And, what do you know, Mr. B keeps hinting that he knows Thomas stole the wine, but still doesn't expose him. Come on, man! Enough already! A few moments later, however, he does expose somebody accidentally... Sybil! Lord G had no idea that she went to hear the liberal candidate's speech with Branson! Dang it, Mr. B! What have you done?!
Astonished aristocrats are astonished.
He's quite cross with her at dinner for not asking for permission to go and immediately attacks Branson, but Lady G sticks up for them. Thanks Lady G! Downstairs Daisy tells Thomas she'd do anything for him... big mistake! The family discusses Sybil's coming out and Lord G tells her "there won't be a next time" as far as her involvement with politics is concerned. Mr. B feels bad for revealing Sybil's whereabouts and Branson tries to cheer him up saying Lord G "ought to be glad he's got a daughter who cares." You know... because he loves her! Thomas is a jerk to Mr. B again and once he leaves, he tells Anna that he just can't bear the thought of being responsible for someone losing their job, even Thomas. Anna falls in love with him even more, but I just want him to get off his high horse and pull the plug on Thomas already. Carson pulls Lady G aside and shows her a letter with information that the Turkish ambassador is aware of the rumors concerning Mary and Pamuk. Gasp! O'Brien pulls an O'Bitch (quelle surprise) and advises Thomas to go ahead and frame Mr. B for stealing the wine. So he does. At bedtime Lord and Lady G are troubled at the prospect of being taken care of by Edith in their old age. Who can blame them? Yuck! The next day Sir Anthony swings 'round to take Mary for a spin in his car, but she declines. Edith throws herself at him and goes instead. Carson approaches Mr. B about the missing wine... bah! This is where not blaming Thomas will get you!
Edith then proceeds to worm her way into Sir Anthony's heart by laughing at "funny" things his late wife used to say. And nobody cares, because it's Edith. Moving right along, William helps Mary with her horse that's gone lame. And then that wretched pair Thomas and O'Brien have pulled Daisy in to blame Mr. B for stealing the wine. Honestly Daisy! You're better than this! Sybil asks her father if Branson can drive her to Ripon for a "committee meeting," but Lord G says she can only go if she takes one of her sisters. She assures him they'll be bored to death and he asks her why all her causes are "steeped in gloom." Golden-hearted Sybil replies, "Because it's the gloomy things that need our help" (smelling salts +2). Cousin Matthew happens upon Mary in the gardens and they get to talking about the buzz of the house i.e. politics. When Cousin Matthew says he "admires Sybil's passion," you can see a flittering of jealousy sneak over Mary's face before she directs the conversation back towards herself. 
Pretty scenery for pretty people.
Mary: But then I like a good argument. Papa does not. 
Matthew: If you really like an argument-
Mary: Yes?
Matthew: We should see more of each other.

The smirk on his adorably mischievous face (smelling salts +3)! Sybil gets permission to go to Ripon. Meanwhile the Countess shows Lady G a letter concerning Mary and asks if any of it is true. Lady G tells her that she helped Mary carry Pamuk from one side of the house to the other, but the Countess is shocked and can't listen to her "attempts to try and justify" herself. But Lady G won't disown her daughter. Anna tries to comfort Mr. B (who has apparently been working there two years in the course of 6 episodes?!?!) and she tells him he can't take it lying down. Sybil keeps on encouraging Gwen, but...
Gwen: You don't get it! You're brought up to think it's all within your grasp, that if you want something enough it will come to you. But we're not like that. We don't think our dreams are bound to come true because... because they almost never do.
Sybil: Then that's why we must stick together! Your dream is my dream now. And I'll make it come true.

Friendship overreaching social classes (smelling salts +4)! In glaring contrast, O'Brien tells Thomas she'll throw him under the bus if she loses her job over framing Mr. B. When William goes to get stale bread for Mary's horse, Daisy asks him why he doesn't become a groom. He wants to make his mum proud! Daisy envies that he has someone he could always trust and just like that, with one line, these geniuses have made added so much depth to her character! William tells her, "I trust them, they trust me. There are no lies in our house," and she looks like she her conscience just got a good wallop.
The next day Mrs. Crawley reveals that William's mother has been in the hospital, but has forbidden everyone from telling her son. Mrs. Crawley and Lady G decide that even if she's on death's door, they can't break her trust. Mary is not happy because she doesn't "care a thing about rules" (smelling salts +5). Ah! Love her! Sybil and Branson arrive in Ripon, but Sybil's tricked him! She's there for the results of bi-election and not a committee meeting! He's flustered because he doesn't think her father would approve, but he can't run after her just yet because he has to park the car. Sir Anthony shows up at Downton with two tickets for a concert in York. Mary starts to make her excuses, but *dramz alert* he's there to offer them to Edith because he has no taste! Edith can barely hide her excitement over a date with the old-enough-to-be-her-father widower. Down in the kitchens, Daisy tells Mrs. Patmore she thinks she's let herself down. Finally! Her conscience is starting to surface! Back at the bi-election, the crowd is getting rowdy. Branson makes his way through the crowd to Sybil and tells her they ought to leave since it looks like there could be a fight... and there's more physical contact! Eep! He looks very distressed, because- yes you guessed it- he loves her! Cousin Matthew crosses the street to see what's going on as a truck of troublemakers unloads and disperses into the crowds to shake things up. 
One dream men sandwich please!
He then finds Sybil and asks what she's doing there. And Branson tries to stop one of the troublemakers. And then Cousin Matthew punches one of 'em (smelling salts + 6)! But in the tussle of the crowd, golden-hearted Sybil gets pushed, falls, and hits her head! NO!!!!!! Cousin Matthew finds that her head is bleeding- NO!!!!!!!!!! And Branson, like me, exclaims, "Oh please, God, no!" Because he loves her! And then he carries her away... because he loves her (I'm not sure the character is quite there yet, so excuse my prophesying/hoping!)! Branson, the Irish gem, shows up at Downton to take Mary to the Crawley's where Sybil is recovering. Gah! He is sooo concerned (smelling salts +7)! 
Mrs. Crawley has stopped the bleeding and Mary tells Sybil that she has to stick up for Branson or he'll definitely loose his job. Cousin Matthew asks Sybil if she's ready to go home and- my gosh! Are Cousin Matthew and Sybil having a moment?! Like I 100% ship Sybil/Branson, but I can't help feeling a little excited because I love both of them and holy goodness are the scenarios flashing through my mind (smelling salts +8)! That look comes across Mary's face again, but she brushes it aside and asks Mrs. Crawley about William's mother. Unfortunately it looks like things are even worse, but she still won't tell him that she's about die. Back at the house, Daisy confesses that she lied! Oh Daisy, I am so happy for you for being a better person (smelling salts +9)! 
The fantastic foursome shows up at Downton. Mary tells Branson to prepare himself and he says he never would have taken her if he knew she only wanted to go to the bi-election.  He also asks her to keep him updated on Sybil's welfare... OMG, Y'ALL, IT LOOKS TO ME LIKE HE OFFICIALLY LOVES HER (smelling salts +10)! 
Lord G goes mental when he finds out what happened. He blames Branson for what has passed and says, "He leaves tonight!" Don't do it, Lord G! Sybil says she'll never speak to him again if he punishes Branson (smelling salts +11)... yep... I've got to say it... because she loves him! She even goes so far to threaten to run away if she wakes up in the morning and finds him missing. OMGeezies!!! Cousin Matthew was downstairs the whole time and when the fight is over, Mary goes down to whisk him into the dining room for a belated supper. 
Carson questions everyone involved in the wine scandal. Honestly, I don't really care right now because my thoughts are tied up in the dining room where Cousin Matthew doesn't care about rules! When his accusers leave the room, Mr. B admits to Carson, Anna, and Mrs. Hughes that he used to be a drunkard and was once imprisoned for theft. He tries to resign for masquerading as a man of honor even though no one believes that can be the whole story. Carson says he'll discuss it with Lord G. Back in the dining room of glittering hope, Mary thanks Cousin Matthew for what he did for Sybil...
Matthew: I hope I did my duty.
Mary: Are you a creature of a duty?
Matthew: Not entirely.
Mary: When you laugh with me or flirt with me, is that a duty? Are you conforming to the fitness of things? Doing what's expected? 
Matthew: Don't play with me. I don't deserve it. Not from you. (flirtation station! smelling salts +12)
Mary: You must be careful not to break Sybil's heart. I think she has a crush on you. 
Matthew: That's something no one could accuse you of. 
Mary: Oh I don't know.
Matthew: I assume you speak in a spirit of mockery.
Mary: You should have more faith.
Matthew: Shall I remind you of some of the choicest remarks you made about me when I arrived here? Because they live in my memory as fresh as the day they were spoken. (*fans self*)
Mary: Oh Matthew, what am I always telling you? You must pay no attention to the things I say. (THAT IS THE PERFECT LINE! smelling salts +13)
2 points!!!!!
AND THEN THEY KISS (smelling salts +15)!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Outside Anna asks Mr. B if he'll really leave and he tells her to go to bed and dream of a better man. She says there isn't one and they almost kiss. Mary goes to see her mother before going to bed and reveals that Cousin Matthew has proposed (smelling salts +16)! She told him she would think about it. Blahhh! But she loves him (smelling salts +17)! But she'd have to tell him about Pamuk or she would feel like she was trapping him. AHHHHHHH!!!!!!! The next day Mary tells William about his mother and arranges for him to go home. Now who's golden-hearted?! The Countess shows up to see Lady G and tells her she would hope she'd have had the strength to help Mary had she'd been in Lady G's shoes. But she says their only hope is to get Mary married as soon as possible. Lady G tells her about Cousin Matthew's proposal and Mary's conundrum. The Countess says that Mary "reads too many novels." Haha! They decide if she ends up refusing Cousin Matthew's proposal, they'll take her to Rome in the fall. What?! Don't plan on rewarding her for breaking his heart! Ack! Only one episode to go!

P.S. For a limited time you can watch full episodes of Downton Abbey on the Masterpiece website. Hip hip hooray!


  1. God, I LOVE this show! How have I resisted re-watching it for this long? Cousin Matthew, you slay me with your smolder! Branson, ADMIT THAT YOU LOVE HER!!!

  2. Can not WAIT!!!!! for the show to START!!!! Lets see Thomas needs to get his just deserts, Edith needs to just move on and stop being a pill. Mary and Cousin Matthew Ya'll just need to wake up and admit that you can not live without each other! ok well we shall see what becomes of them very soon!

  3. This is one of the best episodes! Ahhhhh!!!!! SO GOOD!!!!!! Looking forward to a lot more Sybil/Branson and Mary/Matthew in series 2!