Thursday, January 19, 2012

Downton Abbey 2x2

Breathe in... breathe out... breathe in... breathe out... Readers, oh dear readers, this episode was a close call. I came very close to booking my ambulance in advance because my poor heart just could not deal with this one plot line episode. Get your smelling salts and your brass knuckles ready... it's going to be a bumpy ride! Because they're turning Downton Abbey into a convalescent home, servants are having nightmares, Mrs. Crawley and Lady G are seriously butting heads over how the house is run, and then there's Branson! Endless drama!

  • Sybil tells Edith, who is feeling like a "spare part," that she is talented, she just has to figure out what that talent is and use it. Even though she's talking to wretched Edith, I'm once again overwhelmed with Sybil's heart of gold (smelling salts +1).
  • With Downton being used for recovering soldiers, someone will need to be in charge of running that aspect. Mrs. O'Brien suggests Thomas to Lady G (brass knuckles +1). Gahhhhh!!!!!! Really?! Shouldn't you have turned in your notice by now, you life ruiner?!
  • Branson's Irish self has been called up, but he tells Sybil that once he gets to the frontline, he won't fight for the Brits. You're going to get yourself killed or thrown in jail on purpose, Branson (brass knuckles +2)! You can't do this to meeeeeee Sybil!!!
  • Thomas's rank is too low to be in charge of managing Downton. Yes! So the doctor says he'll ensure he gets a promotion so he can do it (brass knuckles +3). No!!!
  • Lang reveals Mrs. Patmore's secret that her nephew was shot for cowardice in the war (brass knuckles +4). Jerk face!
  • Our dynamic duo Mary and Matthew are reunited and he's surprised to see her helping out with the soldiers. But she "can't leave all the moral highground to Sybil" (smelling salts +2). Come on, Matthew! She cares! Sweep her up in your arms!
  • Branson has his medical and... I must refrain from being a teenie... must refrain... must... YOUR SHIRT IS UNBUTTONED, BRANSON (smelling salts +3)! But he's still oh so obviously plotting the worst...
  • And he has a heart murmur! Not to sound joyous or anything, but the Army won't take Branson and he can't get himself killed (smelling salts +4)!
  • He proceeds to tell Sybil what he has against the British Army, how they hurt his family in Ireland, but he's making it sound like he's angry at her (brass knuckles +5). Plus he has angry eyes! Ughhh but I love you.
  • It comes out that Matthew's fiancĂ©e, Lavinia, exposed a political scandal and that's how she knows Sir Richard. Pesky Aunt Rosamund tells Mary they must have been lovers for her to sell secret information about her own family to him and she should expose her to Matthew. But Mary can't see that she did anything wrong, exposing corrupt politicians, even if it meant Lavinia's uncle's downfall (smelling salts +5). Oh how she's changed!
  • Anna finally finds Mr. B working in a local pub. Eventually she asks how he likes her hair and he tells her, "I think I would love you however, whatever, whenever" (smelling salts +6). My heart!
  • The house is all abuzz because a general is coming to Downton. And Branson looks like he's getting ideas, especially when he volunteers to serve at dinner since there aren't enough servants anymore. DON'T YOU DARE (brass knuckles +6)!
Ooo buddy does he have beautiful handwriting! Imagine a love letter written in such penmanship!
  • Then Anna finds a note addressed to Sybil, surely from Branson, that says 'forgive me' (brass knuckles +7). And he's just entered the dining room. NO!!!!!!!! My life is over!
  • But Carson stops him in time and drags him out of the room (smelling salts +7)!
  • Apparently Branson had just filled the pot of soup with oil, ink, and sour milk and was just going to spill it on the general. WHICH MEANS HE'S NOT A MURDERER (smelling salts +8)! Thank God!
  • The general praises Edith for all her behind-the-scenes help with the soldiers and they all raise a glass to her (smelling salts +9). I know! I don't know what's wrong with me! A smelling salts moment involving Edith? But it's strangely heartwarming. Like... she's actually been KIND this episode.
  • William proposes to Daisy and Mrs. Patmore basically accepts for her (brass knuckles +8). I know no one wants William to go to war with a broken heart, but it's dishonest!
  • Matthew asks Mary what she's discovered about Lavinia, but she says she's only found praiseworthy qualities in her (smelling salts +10). She's so nice! And suck on that, pesky Aunt Rosamund!
  • Carson tells Mrs. Hughes he doesn't want to turn Branson in to the police (smelling salts +11). Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
So it looks like smelling salts won this round, beating out brass knuckles 11 to 8. And... you know... I'm having a bit of an IDENTITY CRISIS right now because Edith was the source of some of these fainting fits and Branson was making me throw things in frustration. I may have been a bit liberal with the smelling salts, but I had to! I had to! Because Branson almost willingly ripped himself from my side and I was just not okay with it, y'all! Were you as stressed out as I was watching this week's episode?


  1. Yes I can agree the smelling salts and brass knuckles shall be required. Thomas, just wish it had been some other body part than his hand that was shot! Mrs Crawley well she has a good heart with helping out with the army men but just going about it the wrong way. Lady G and she will have um shall we say an interesting disagreement? Branson, love the Irish but boy think more about what you are doing first before you jeopardize everything.

  2. Seriously. This episode about killed my poor heart. I'm glad I'm not alone in finding myself feeling some sort of odd liking for Edith (I'm sure it won't last). And Branson, you fool! I almost threw my remote at the telly because I thought he was going to commit murder, which, thankfully, he didn't. And we DID get to see him SHIRTLESS. I fangirled a bit over that, myself. Now if only Cousin Matthew and Mary would just admit their undying devotion to each other.