Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday We're In Love!

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Sally's pick:  This week finally granted us our first peek at Birdsong, which will air on PBS's Masterpiece Classic on April 22nd and 29th. Not only does this WWI drama star our crowned prince Eddie Redmayne, but his love interest is played by Clémence Poésy, one of my favorite French actresses. Of course it looks epic, but... EDDIE REDMAYNE IN UNIFORM, I CAN'T EVEN!!!

Ali's pick: I am "between books" at the moment and so I went perusing my bookshelves for an old favorite to help pass the time on Monday night.  I grabbed my ancient copy of Anne of Green Gables and I must admit that I have fallen in love all over again with the precocious Anne Shirley and her enchanting life on Prince Edward Island.  I've always loved this story (and secretly wanted to be Anne) but this book has really just brightened my week; thank you, L.M. Montgomery.  

Sarah's pick:  Absolutely Fabulous is back!  Well, for three special 20th Anniversary episodes anyway.  The first one was on Sunday, and I have missed the complete ridiculousness of Edina and Patsy.  Sweetie dahling, dahling sweetie!

Mariah's pick: I'm quite positive that if given the opportunity to go to the ballet every day, I would accept. Since that's not a possibility I'll settle for occasional performances- one of which I'll be lucky enough to see this week when The State Ballet Theatre of Russia presents Romeo and Juliet in Savannah. Basically, tomorrow will be a perfect day filled with tea, ballet, and plenty of swooning over the star-crossed lovers.

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