Monday, January 9, 2012

Future Home of Victorian Swag: Recap

(Top Row: 1, 2, 3, 4)
(Bottom Row: 5, 6, 7, 8)
 Can you believe it?  It has been 8 weeks (give or take) since the authors of Victorian Swag have introduced you to our favorite abodes.  We have travelled all over the world to some of the most beautiful and unique homes  (I use that word in the broadest sense imaginable) in existence.  I hope this series gave you a glimpse into the completely unrealistic, fantasy fueled world of Victorian Swag.  The next time we move into a to-die-for Parisian flat or an enchanted castle, we'll be sure to keep you posted. We are by no means finished renting these ridiculously huge, extravagantly decorated, and almost impossibly inaccessible dwellings for our week-long adventures here and there; however, it is time to look back on the past few months and vote for our favorite houses.  To help you out a bit, here is a list of our featured homes along with a short description that may help you with your decision.  

1.  Falling Water: Bear Run Nature Reserve, Pennsylvania
Waterfalls, martinis on the balconies, Fassy (a.k.a the new James Bond) parking the Aston Martin in the drive
2. Château de Chenonceau: Chenonceau, France
Giant fireplaces, Catherine de Medici's old ballroom, walks in the garden with Prince Charming
3.  Riven Rock: Jamestown, Rhode Island
Thanksgiving couples retreat, Autumn in New England, late-night bonfires (and oh so much plaid!) 
4. Highclere Castle: Hampshire, England
Sleigh rides through the countryside, Cousin Matthew, mistletoe
5. Martin's Point Plantation: Wadmalaw Island, South Carolina
Sunny mornings on the marsh, sweet tea and southern food, close proximity to the lumber yard
6. Balmoral Castle: Royal Deeside, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Queen Victoria, Scottish Highlands,  Her Majesty's Ghillies Ball (bring on the waltzing!)
7. Neuschwanstein Castle: Germany
Sleeping Beauty, Christmas Markets, snowball fights in the enchanted forest with the knight, woodsman, jester, and brooding not-quite-prince
8. Mark Twain House: Hartford, Connecticut 
Billiard rooms and observatories, lounging in the library, Champagne and period costumes at the Victorian-themed soiree

So what's your vote?


  1. I'm going with Chenonceau even though you listed mistletoe and Cousin Matthew under Highclere (oh the TEMPTATION)! It's ok though, he can totally count as my Prince Charming, right?

  2. I couldn't decide between Riven Rock and Falling Water. So tough! I went with our Thanksgiving retreat, at least for a while. We can always move! Hehehe. And, yes, Cousin Matthew can totally be your Prince Charming.

  3. It was SO HARD to choose between Neuschwanstein and Balmoral, but ultimately I had to go with the fairytale castle, plus German food is DELISH.

  4. I know I'm biased, having been to Chenonceau twice, but it's just so beautiful!