Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hello New Year!

What's behind this curtain, you ask?  Only the best band EVER on New Year's Eve.  "Kick Drum Heart" starts playing, the curtain falls, and The Avett Brothers start jamming out!  I have never seen a better concert in my life - and I've seen quite a few quality ones.  

Pardon the blurry images, but I think you can feel the epic awesomeness anyway.  Their energy and talent was inexhaustible!  They transitioned beautifully from song to song.  There were slow, heart-felt songs like "January Wedding":

Don't you love the candles?!  It makes the song that much sweeter!  There were also songs like "Talk On Indolence" and "I Killed Sally's Lover" that do not allow you to stand still.  I have never seen a band that can perform at that level but still connect so personally with the audience.  Several times during the show, the lights would dim, and one of the Avett brothers would walk alone to the vintage microphone on the catwalk and serenade us.  For one song, though, their sister joined them.

So, now that y'all have let me gush pointlessly, I will close by saying Happy New Year!!!!


  1. Oh so THEY killed my lover. It's all so clear now! But seriously, I WANT YOU SCOTT AVETT!!!!! And I'm now I'm DYING to see them in concert again! GAH!

  2. Well, maybe if you didn't run around on him, things would have turned out differently...