Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pack Your Bags!

I don't know about y'all, but traveling is my weakness!  I love seeing new places, visiting different museums, and just experiencing everything.  But, what I've always wanted to do is blend my love of traveling with my love for movies.  Especially period pieces, but, really, that goes without saying.  So, let's explore the English countryside in search of homes made for men in riding boots and women in empire-waist dresses.

Let's start with Pemberley.  I challenge anyone to view either the 1995 or the 2005 version of Pride and Prejudice without sighing the first time Pemberley emerges through the trees.  Lyme Park was chosen for both versions to be the exterior of Mr. Darcy's wonderful estate.  The main home was built in the mid-16th century, and the estate is made up of 1300 acres.  That would definitely provide scope for the imagination.  If you feel like going, it's located in the Peak District in Chesire, and it includes the infamous lake where Mr. Darcy took his little dip.

The 2005 version was filmed at Chatsworth House in the Peak District in Derbyshire that dates from the mid-16th century as well.  There is a belief that Jane Austen wrote about Pemberley with Chatsworth House in mind because she was writing the novel in the area.  The Duke and Duchess of Devonshire have kept the bust of Mr. Darcy used in the film, and it can still be seen today.  Um...thank you.  There seems to always be something to do at this gorgeous estate.  For example, this summer will feature drawings by Leonardo, Rembrandt, Raphael and Van Dyck.  Really?  Tell me you don't want to go.  Of course, that's on top of viewing 30 rooms of the house and exploring the 105 acre gardens and 1000 acre park.  The house, gardens, and farmyard are closed until March for the winter, but I think it is safe to say that I will be there when it opens.  At least, once I win the lottery.

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  1. Take me there! Traveling the Peak District os one of my dreams! It's just so blooming beautiful! Le sigh. Daydreams galore.