Tuesday, February 28, 2012

February Fantasies

Mini Valentine fan fics? Yeah, we we went there... again!
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Sally: Drinking in the rows of raspberry tarts and red velvet cupcakes, Sally was brimming over with regret for giving up sweets for Lent. "Treat yourself." The encouraging voice was unmistakable; smoother than the dark chocolate centers of the molten cakes under the glass case, laced with a debilitating British lilt. There in the middle of her neighborhood coffee shop, she found herself blushing under the intent gaze of Richard Armitage. She laughed as "you just did" tumbled out uncontrollably, heart all a flutter as he insisted on paying for her latte.

Ali: “Let me get this straight: you moved to an island, to live in a farm house, and work at a horse farm, by yourself, the day before Valentine’s Day?” Erin asked with a smile in her voice.  “What’s wrong with that?” asked Ali, only slightly offended; “I love it here in spite of all of this rain.”  “Nothing at all;” replied a giggling Erin, “it’s just that the whole scenario sounds a bit like the perfect set-up for a really trashy romance novel.” Ali was about to respond with a resounding “does not” when the doorbell rang.  She opened the door and her mouth – as well as the phone – dropped to the floor as an extremely wet and ruggedly handsome Chris Hemsworth stood before her and said in his deeply masculine voice, “Hi, I’m Chris, my car broke down; could I borrow a dry shirt and your phone?” 

Sarah:  I was in need of some puppy love one Saturday, so I went to the animal shelter - I have an addiction.  The shelter was crowded, but I made my rounds between the adult dogs and cats before going to see the puppies and kittens.  I am overwhelmed by the cuteness the moment I walk into the Puppy room.  I pick up and adorable shepherd mix and fall in love with him.  Chris Evans walks up beside me and says, "That's a cute one."  Why yes, yes you are.

Mariah: "Oooooh. Look at this one: Drummers do it better..." Mariah flicked the chalky, purple heart at the grinning drummer. The blue-eyed boy grabbed the box of conversation hearts from his girlfriend and sifted through them: "Harry Judd is the fittest member of McFly," he smirked as she leaned over and squinted at the piece of candy. "Liar," the girl tried to keep a straight face, "it clearly says Tom Fletcher is the fittest..." she giggled as her joke was cut short with fervent protests. The couple broke apart, both laughing at their silliness, and Harry rifled through the box once more, "I found the perfect one, love," he placed a tiny, yellow heart in her palm and met her eyes as she read the three words it so precisely declared.


  1. Ali, I literally cackled for 5 minutes after reading yours. IT IS SO PERFECT AND I WANT TO WRITE A FAN FIC FOR YOUR FAN FIC!!! I AM SO SERIOUS! I DIE.

    Sarah, yours is so YOU! And Mariah, yours too! Ack!

  2. Mini fanfics make the world go round! Truly!
    Can we please move to a world where these things can actually come true?