Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Scene-ic Love

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It may be the day after Valentine's Day, but since we declared February the month of LOVE, it seems only right that we keep pouring out our hearts and basking in our FEELINGS! So today we're going to dive into a glittering pool of sappy emotion and share some of our favorite romantic moments in film. After all, taste in movies can tell you a lot about a person and since our readers have magically multiplied overnight, consider this to be a bit like a get-to-know-you game. Of course, given the time, we'd probably share ten scenes a piece, but today we'll each coo over one that particularly gives us melty-heart symptoms.

Mariah's pick: Obviously, when we decided to write a post about our favorite romantic movie moments, the first thing that came to mind was Lord of the Rings. Aragorn and Arwen's love is the stuff legends are made of, and their romantic nighttime reunion in the first LOTR movie certainly gives this geeky girl ALLTHEFEELINGS. Now I know some of you still aren't convinced, what about Jane and Rochester or Elizabeth and Darcy, you say? But how can you argue with this- I'm pretty sure that giving up your immortality for the man you love is the MOST romantic gesture ever. 

Ali's pick: As far as romantic movies go, I know this one might not be a usual suspect, but I still argue that it contains one of the most romantic story lines of any movie.  Period. The love story between Carl and Ellie from Walt Disney's Up is nothing short of tear-inducingly romantic.  Not only do the two meet as children, grow up as best friends, and spend their lives completely devoted to one another, Carl dedicates his life to chasing Ellie's dream of adventure even after she is gone. Simply beautiful.
Sally's pick: By now you know that I just have a thing about PROXIMITY! It makes me feel ALL THE FEELINGS in one heart-wrenching blow and my obsession with it undoubtedly began when I first saw the telephone scene in It's a Wonderful Life as a little girl. George Bailey (side note: I l-o-v-e your voice, Jimmy Stewart!) has been trying so hard to stiff arm true love and escape Bedford Falls, but when he's finally standing there so close to Mary, he crumbles. The way her eyes glitter with tension-induced tears, the way he drops the phone and snaps her up into his arms, the kiss... oh my heart!

Sarah's pick: Judge me if you will, but Emma is not my favorite Jane Austen heroine.  That being said, I LOVE Mr. Knightley.  As in, I could conceivably throw over Mr. Darcy for him. His proposal to Emma is just the sweetest thing on the planet.  "I rode through the rain!" Yes. Please.

So tell us, dear readers, what are some of your favorite romantic movie moments?

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