Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Snoods Make Everything Better

Recently I had the pleasure of reading a lovely new book by an equally as lovely lady. Wilfair by Alysia Gray Painter is the first in a series of books about young-ish, slightly neurotic, and fabulously coiffed Fair Finley and her adventures running her family's hotel, the Wilfair. Basically, if Fair was a real person, we would totally be begging her to become a regular contributor to Victorian Swag, because the girl has it in spades. Not to mention we would then have a reason to hang out with her totally hot neighbors, the cousins who run the hotel next door, Montgomery #1 and Montgomery #2, aka: Monty and Gomery. But because you, of course, want evidence of Wilfair's awesomeness, I give you my top 5 reasons why you should read this book:

The 500 Dip Bar- Someone needs to open a 500 Dip Bar stat. Because having 500 kinds of dip to choose from, and the options to have... whatever: fries, strawberries, graham crackers, to dip into them. Oh man, I'd be five-hundred pounds! I won't even tell you how many times I raided the pantry over the reading of this book.

Monty & Gomery- First of all, these boys are (both) named Montgomery Overbove. Isn't that name all kinds of awesome? Yes, having the same name could be a little confusing, which is why they've made our lives a little easier... The cute, geeky boy of the nice forearms, and Fair's #1 crush is called Gomery. While the other Overbove is a wannabe movie-producer extraordinaire called Monty, and his cheekiness and one-liners are the stuff dreams are made of. If you don't fall in love with both of these boys, well then, I'll just keep them for myself!

The Wilfair- Wilfair, where have you been all my life? With your different levels/floors of awesomeness? Ladies, this hotel is legit. Each level has a different theme: Traditional-Spanish-Deco-Rococo-Gothic-Storybook-Mission-Modern, or TraSpaDecToGoStoMisMod for short. And while all of these things may sound a little overwhelming put together, I'm here to tell you, they're not. With a magical wishing alcove, that ace 500 Dip Bar, a costumed manageress, and a sequin-wearing ghost, the Wilfair is sheer perfection.

Snoods- (E.G.) Our protagonist, the fair Fair Finley, has a penchant for fabulous vintage outfits. On any given day, she could be Grace Kelly or Barbara Stanwyck, and there is always, of course, a snood involved. A snood which often tells the mood of our heroine and is the subject of many appropriately snarky comments. I think we should bring the snood back, fashionably speaking.

The Mysterious Happenings at the Hotel- What happens when you combine a smelly tar bubble, crazy aunts, and the smells of London and Paris? Mysterious and slightly frightening happenings, that's what! The entire city of London mapped out in bed sheets and a bedroom that disappears and re-appears in the hotel across the way... That's some kind of meet-cute. If you're confused, then I suggest you've got no choice but to go start reading, now, what are you waiting for?!

Have I convinced you yet? Because if swoon-worthy guys, a little mystery, vintage clothes, and creamy-dreamy food don't win you over, then you're a lost cause. I give you leave to go read and fan-girl. 

*Statement: Victorian Swag received their copy of Wilfair free of charge via the author, Alysia Grey Painter. We did not receive any forms of compensation, like the entire BBC period piece collection on  DVD, for reviewing this book. 

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