Monday, February 6, 2012

Valentines by Victorian Swag

Remember those glorious days in elementary school where you decorated an old shoe box with pink and red hearts and those lace-paper doilies and then you sat them out on your desk during the annual Valentine's Day classroom party to be filled with the corniest, most delightful folded paper Valentines, Candy Hearts, Red Hots, and Dum Dum suckers?  We remember too!  And we miss the friendly competition to find the BEST Valentines out of the entire class.  In honor of this amazing tradition and one of Victorian Swag's favorite holidays, we bring you our very own line of VS-approved Valentines.  

"Star Trek of Love" Collection


  1. Can I buy these in stores? Puh-leeeeeeeeeaaaaaase!!!!!!! CAPTAIN KIRK, I LOVE YOU!!! Star Trek of Love... bahaha!

  2. Star Trek of Love. I want to walk around saying that all the time. Because it just makes me happy. These are aces, Ali!