Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Dear readers. This is a big deal i.e. magic! There's simply no other explanation. I had followed the casting for The Hunger Games with the fervor of a lovesick middle-schooler carting around a Lisa Frank notebook plastered with 'Mrs. Mellark' signatures signed meticulously, if not obsessively,  on every rainbowed page. I had wanted this guy to play the boy with the bread something fierce... like I'd have opted for extra tessera to make that happen, y'all. So when I heard that baby-faced Josh Hutcherson, who I really only knew from The Bridge to Terabithia (CREYES!), had landed the role I was incredulous. The opposite was true about Gale's casting and I said unspeakable things like, "I might just go team Gale for the movie." Needless to say, this poor guy really had his work cut out for him in the convincing me department. At the reaping, I maintained a heart of stone. But by the time he was waving from the train in the Capitol, my friend sitting next to me burst out laughing because there I was with hearts in my eyes, grinning like I'd just been blinded by a Care Bear stare. The amount of heart-clutching that went on was off. the. charts. He had me cooing, squealing, sighing, laughing... he was Peeta! The unsuspecting swoon-and-dough master of my literary dreams! Not to mention, his toasty voice was reminiscent of cinnamon rolls warm from the oven. Sweet merciful heaven! I take it back. I take it all back. Despite my evident meh towards the film overall, I am smitten with this one. And possibly guilty of having my Mellark-y playlist on repeat. You can bake me a croissant any time, Josh! Because I loaf you. And just in case you need further proof that you truly did win me over... you give me a lot of FEELINGS! *smelling salts*


  1. That care bear stare will get you every time!

  2. That smile! UGH. He sincerely seems like one of the nicest guys in the world, and therefore I believe we should all run away to a cabin in the woods together whilst Bon Iver plays in the background and he makes us croissants.