Thursday, March 29, 2012

"Did my heart love till now?"

Frankly, I'm not sure how Victorian Swag has gone this long without some sort of mention of our official knight-in-shining-armor (don't tell Bradley James)... I am, in fact, talking about the one and only Leonardo DiCaprio. Even his name sounds regal and makes me start to feel slightly light-headed. But that could just be the swoon-worthy Romeo + Juliet soundtrack that I happen to be listening to right now. Which leads me to my point. Sure, there's Titanic, but I feel like we need to give credit where credit is due and talk about the role that had all of our teenage selves sighing dramatically at the big screen. Even if you're a Shakespeare hater and think that the entire premise of his most famous love story is over the top and melodramatic, you can't deny that Leo's portrayal of Romeo had you ready to hop on the next plane to Verona...

The English version is linked below... 

I hope you've all taken a moment to properly appreciate this scene. This is my initial reaction every time I watch this scene: ________. That's silence, in case you were wondering, because I'm staring avidly at the screen, wondering where are the real-life guys like this are. But that's a completely different conversation.

Y'all the look on his face when he discovers Juliet on the other side of the fish tank. I can't even. He looks like he would do anything to be on the other side so that he could touch her face or hold her hand or just be breathing the same air. And I don't care how cheesy that sounds, because it's obviously written right there on his face for the world to see. How many other 22 year old guys do you know with that much depth? None.

AND THEN he does the most adorable little smirk and forgets for just a second that he's staring through glass and water at his one true love and attempts to kiss her. That's when I break my awed silence and let out a little squeal because he's just so adorable and I would never hinder our love with a fish tank. 

You would think that nothing else Leo, um, Romeo does could possibly make you need the smelling salts any more than you already do, then BAM, he breaks out the Shakespeare and you're lying in a puddle of petticoats and thrumming heartbeats on the floor.
Did my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight! For I ne'er saw true beauty till this night.
Now that you mention it, Leo, I'm not quite sure my heart did love till now. Which is why you leave me with no choice but to make our King Fassy break out his rapier and dub you a knight of the Victorian Swag realm. Sally, would like to make sure that you have a handkerchief or some other token of her undying affection, but I'm quite sure you'd need something a little larger, say a bed sheet, to properly hold the combined love of us Victorian Swag ladies.

We could sit here all night listening to you recite Shakespearian verse to us, or even just staring into your soulful eyes. We're not picky.

I'm really not sure what else needs to be said. 

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