Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday We're In Love!


Sally's Pick: Yesterday my mom got me the best early birthday present ever in the form of tickets to see Les Mis on stage. This has been a dream of mine for ten years now and the francophile in me is COMPLETELY FREAKING OUT over seeing "One Day More" live! MARIUS (THANK-GOODNESS-IT-WON'T-BE-NICK-JONAS MARIUS THAT IS) AHHHHHHHHHSKDFJLSKDJFLSKDJFLSKDJFLKSJFLSK!!!!!!!!!! 

Ali's Pick: I am moving into the house I am renting on Hilton Head Island on Saturday!  I have been living out of two suitcases and a few bins for the past three weeks and have been dutifully holding back, not allowing myself to stray into the home goods section of any store until I have a home in which to put things.  But with the prospect of a kitchen within my grasp, I broke down and bought my first piece of Le Creuset cookware on Tuesday and I am SO EXCITED! 

Mariah's Pick: It seems that I just can't stop watching the newest trailer for Disney's Brave. Scottish accents, ginger hair, archery, and the highlands= movie magic. So, c'mon summer, I'm ready to see Princess Merida kick some butt and save her kingdom. 

Sarah's Pick: Last Sunday, as we all know, was the Academy Awards.  I was relatively pleased with all the winners, but Colin Firth stole the show entirely in my opinion.  He was cute, funny, and suave as usual, and I just couldn't stop smiling after his speech.

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  1. SALLY! I'm SO JEALOUS! I think I'm going to see it in Jacksonville, but the theatre there is nowhere near as magnificent as The Fox!

    Ali. I'm going to come steal it from you! Le Creuset is TRUE LOVEEEEEE.

    Sarah, I say we kidnap Colin and take him to an island where he can live happily ever after..... with us.