Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday We're In Love!


Sarah's Pick: You may not remember, but I talked about wanting to see Like Crazy while it was in theaters.  Unfortunately, I don't live in New York of LA, so I was unable to see it.  But, joy of joys, it came out on dvd this week.  Goal for next week: rent Like Crazy and cry hysterically.

Ali's Pick: So I know this is the part of the blog where we post the things that really made our week.  I also know we are not really the sort of blog to gush over sports (yeah, we mentioned the Super Bowl, but I mean come on, it was Eli Manning).  But I just have to tell you that the thing that made my heart go all a-flutter this week is the prospect of driving down to Florida next weekend for a St. Louis Cardinal's Spring Training game; I'll take a front row view of David Freese's beautiful face anytime.  

Sally's Pick: Having purchased the Game of Thrones soundtrack this week, everyday events now seem epic. Getting ready in the morning feels like a ritual before debuting at court, driving to work like a quest for the Iron Throne, and listening to it before bed ensures an appearance by Jon Snow in my dreamlands at night (WHICH I'M TOTALLY OKAY WITH). Ramin Djawadi's score is majestic and thrilling, breathing life into the diverse geography and complicated storylines that make Westeros great.

Mariah's Pick: Sometimes you just need something pretty to brighten your day, and when that something is a book, well, even better! If I had enough room to shove another bookcase in my bedroom, I'd probably buy all of Penguin's special edition books- they're all so unique and lovely. Instead, I'll settle for their awesome threads series, which I acquired this week.

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