Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday We're In Love!

123, 4

Ali's Pick: Is there anything of note happening this week other than today's oh-so-obvious movie premiere?  Not in my life, anyway.  I was unable to attend the midnight premiere and so am anxiously awaiting Sunday evening so I can sit back with my buttered popcorn and drink in the Hunger Games 

Sally's Pick: To be perfectly honest this week has been nothing more than a countdown to the Hunger Games. I'm seeing it right after work today, am FREAKING OUT, and I can't take this wait any longer!!! Josh Hutcherson, you better bring. it. as my favorite ALL-CAPS-FEELINGS-INDUCING artist/baker/character Peeta Mellark, or I will hunt you down like your life depends on it (wait... that sounds familiar)! 

Sarah's Pick:  Last week, the trailer for Dark Shadows came out!  I truly hope that I am not the only Tim Burton enthusiast, because that would be a terrible shame.  Seriously can't wait for this movie!   

Mariah's Pick: Summer is finally here in South Georgia, which means that's it's time to roll the car windows down and blast some awesome mix tapes. Oh, and go to the beach, as well. Cheers to warm weather, new sunglasses, and working on my tan, because that's where I'll be for the next few months!

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