Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I dub thee, my distraction

Sometimes you just have one of those days where all you can think about are your favorite things. Your mind gets caught up in a beautiful world composed solely of these things and you. Food looses its taste, the sky looses its color; you're in a haze. So today, like most other days (let's be honest), was spent daydreaming over the following:
  • chainmail
  • bows & arrows
  • broody men
  • scruffy men
  • fictional men
  • wine
Luckily today, there was a cure! As soon as the clock struck five, I was out the door to pick up my very own copy of season one of Game of Thrones, which embodies all. these. favorite. things. Sweet victory! JON SNOW IS MINE! I mean... I'm rather excited, but it didn't seem right to celebrate the DVD release merely by watching the first episode. So allow me to share some of the poetry Sarah and I shared via text the other day in honor of Robb Stark (mine hers mine) and Jon Snow (MINE!).
To: Jon Snow, Love: Sally - who was eating oatmeal and pretending it was gruel whilst writing this. (x)
I'm obsessed
I'm possessed

To: Robb Stark, Love: Sarah (x)
Your cheek flexes

To: Jon Snow, Love: Sally (x)
Your pout
Leaves me no doubt 
In your collection
Of my affection

So there you go! Our celebration of the month of March i.e. the-month-before-the-season-2-premiere-of-Game-of-Thrones continues! I know this is an HBO series and rather... ahem... racy, but... Chainmail! Bows & arrows! Broody men! Scruffy men! Fictional men! Wine! Broody scruffy fictional men shooting bows & arrows in their chainmail after hearty sips of wine! On horseback! Your argument is invalid. 

P.S. Winter is coming! 25 days till the season 2 premiere!

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