Friday, March 23, 2012

Where It All Began

So I have a confession to make... Mr. Darcy wasn't my first introduction to the world of Victorian Swagalicious miniseries, nor was Mr. Rochester, or Gilbert Blythe. I know you're all scandalized, but I'm convinced when I explain, you'll all nod vigorously and agreed whole-heartedly.

My little-girl heart belonged to Dickon Sowerby: animal whisperer, garden re-vitalizing co-conspirator, and all-around hero. I'm hoping you all know to whom I refer, because how can you have not seen The Secret Garden? The 1993 version was a childhood staple, and my favorite adaptation of Francis Hodgson Burnett's book. I could probably go on for hours about Dickon alone. In fact, he's probably to blame for the state of my cravat-loving heart today.

But the boy isn't the only reason to love The Secret Garden. It's got mystery, and far-away lands, and, of course, an enchanting garden. I'd like to pretend that despite my limited budget and not-so-green thumb I could someday have a garden like this:

Obviously I'll have to keep dreaming, but this movie just makes my mind wander to the loveliest of places. The scenery and completely amazing score together are enough to make one fall into a coma from sensory overload. 

I'm sorry, I'm not sorry for giving you all of these beautiful images to day-dream about. But don't you just want to hop on that pony and take off into the sunset with Dickon (in a totally non-creepy, lets all pretend he's older way)? 

I leave you with that parting thought. Have a fabulous weekend, dear readers!


  1. Your first period piece love always stays with you (Gilberrrrrrrrrrt!!!)! I'm ashamed to say it's been years since I've seen The Secret Garden. I'm talking... at least 15 :X I'll put in on my list!

  2. WHATTTTTT. You must put it on your list! The same boy that's in this is also in Black Beauty, which was another childhood obsession.

  3. I just discovered your blog and fell in love with your article about The Secret Garden.
    I must admit that Dickon Sowerby was also my "Childhood Love".
    He is one of the primarily reasons, why I nowadays, approximately 15 years after watching the 1993 version of The Secret Garden for the first time, adore The Yorkshire Moors, Great Britain, animals and history with all my heart. :-)

    Best wishes from The Canary Islands