Thursday, March 1, 2012

a word, my lord

Their house words give me chills! (x)
And now we pass from the month of love to the month before the Game of Thrones season 2 premiere! Well, that's how I'm looking at March anyway. I don't know about you, but when I first witnessed a preview for HBO's epic saga last year (and by preview, I mean Sean Bean and his daydream-wielding voice), I knew it would be true love. I'm a sucker for all things fantasy to begin with, but thrown Sean Bean into the mix and I'm as good as gone. Before I know it, I'm getting ready for bed, blasting the soundtrack till I've made myself believe I'm a handmaiden of Winterfell. Just me? Maybe, but I don't care! Especially this week. Because although I l-o-v-e me some Game of Thrones, I never actually finished watching the first season *gasp*. I stopped halfway through, abruptly deciding I should finish the book first. But I didn't. And season 2 is coming! So I finally broke down and watched the last three episodes. 

Let me tell you, Jon Snow, the illegitimate son of Eddard "Ned" Stark (the ever luscious Sean Bean ughhhhkdslfjkl) has been my favorite from the beginning. This has not changed, Jon Snow, this has not changed! I will be true to you (minus this very moment)! But something about those last few episodes... someone I'd always liked crept into my heart and gave it a royal squeeze... I tried to stiff arm it (I pledge my heart to you, Jon Snow!), but... ZOMG ROBB STARK!!!!!! And now, sire, if you will allow me to approach the throne...
My lord, you have always been so serious, but that's ok because I like a scruffy man of honor no matter what his facial muscles are or are not doing.
But even if you did learn how to smile, that doesn't mean I'll mind your v. serious 24/7 face. Parce que it is undeniably FLAWLESS.
Because you are good to your half-brother/my lover-man, Jon Snow. And you almost kinda-sorta smile around him. Even you can't resist the power of Jon Snow! 
Wilt thou replace Bran with me here PLZ? (x)
And you rescue your brother Bran from Wildlings like it ain't no thang.
Warm fuzzies!!! (x)
Not to mention that you have a dire wolf, which is hella awesome!
And graciously stand in the rain for my enjoyment.

Call me your damsel, Robb, 'cause I am in distress! (x)

Needless to say, I concur with all the wicked awesome oaths your Northern legions were making at the end of last season. I recognize you alone as king of my heart. And you might need to go ahead and lock me up in the dungeons because we might have some issues when your love interest is introduced next season. Or better yet, send me to The Wall to be with my beloved Jon Snow!
I promise, I honestly love you! Also, you guys obviously get the v. serious face from your Sean Bean daddy. (x)
Hi, Jon Snow. Don't worry, my love, your post will come! I just had to share my FEELINGS before I imploded in a fit of irrational behavior like Prince "King" Joffrey.

Anyway, 31 days till Robb Stark and Jon Snow grace our tv screens in the season 2 premiere! How many more times can I watch the trailer until then, you ask? Oh thousands!


  1. Both of these guys are beautiful! But I'm ashamed to say that I've never seen the show! It's been on my list for a while now, but I've just never got around to it. Now I simply must!

  2. MARIAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It came out on DVD today, so you have a bit of homework this weekend.