Monday, April 30, 2012

On Poetry: and its awesomeness

Lets start off by being completely honest: most people don't like poetry. (I'm pretty positive my fellow bloggers are in that majority.) And most of you lovely readers probably are too, but you know what- that's okay. Because I'm going to do my best to convince you that it's one of those things you have to keep giving a go until you find what's right for you. Until a few years ago, I would've been standing right there next to the rest of you, shaking my head, and saying that there's no way I'd ever in a million years like the stuff. (Except for one Miss Emily Dickinson who has captivated me since middle school.) But somehow, I've randomly picked up poets here and there that speak to my swoon-induced tendencies the same way a good piece of score or a perfect period piece does. With that said, I give you a few of my favorite poets (along with some examples of why they're so spine-tinglingly brilliant)...

Saturday, April 28, 2012

It's Sassurday!


Obviously we've been on the FASSYISTHEMOSTAMAZINGMANEVER train for a long time. So it seems a little silly that others are just now catching on to his amazingness, but, also well-deserved. When a man can slay you with a single brooding look, well, what else needs to be said?

Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday We're In Love!

12, 3, 4
Ali's Pick: Everyone knows that a reliable and delicious local coffee shop is the key to successful weekend reading as well as an overall happy life.  You imagine my delight when I found Watusi last week, and just 5 minutes from my new home.  BONUS: it is not only an adorable and tasty place to grab a latte, it is also a fabulous FROZEN YOGURT BAR!!  Life is good.  

Sarah's Pick: My favorite thing about this week?  Feeling like an adult.  Oh yeah, I put on my big girl panties, paid my car taxes, spent a good chunk of my tax refund on said taxes, enjoyed my weeknight drinky drinks, and went bug-eyed when I looked at my pitiful bank account.  Ah, the sweet and sour mix of adulthood.  It can bum me out majorly sometimes, but this week, I reveled in it.  

Sally's Pick: After an excruciating separation, I was fi-na-lly reunited with my all-time favorite band Needtobreathe at DC's 9:30 Club this past weekend for one of the best. concerts. ever. The incredible Ben Rector opened and then all was right in the world as my boys took the stage and rocked the place to the ground with their new material. With one mind-blowing performance after another, especially dance-like-a-fool-worthy "Girl Named Tennessee," and seeing them live with old friends and new, I had hearts in my eyes all. night. long. 

Mariah's Pick: I love vintage stuff, truthfully, I spend tons of time in Goodwill and Salvation Army, and at yard sales trying to find that perfect old school accessory or clothing item. Which is what makes Modcloth so fabulous, it's like they've taken all the time I would've spent browsing through old, oftentimes smelly things and picked out only the best. Now I just need to tell myself that I can't afford to go on their site every day, my checkbook is already suffering from the fabulous 40s style bathing suit I ordered from them last night, but it's just oh-so-fabulous!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

As Wonderful as Birdsong and as Impossible as Peace

I love you! I love you! I love youuu!!!
Before I get started, I just need to warn you that... *SOBBING* ... *HEART-CLUTCH* ... *FAINTS ON COUCH* ... *SMELLING SALTS* ... Oh, I'm sorry, but... *SOBBING UN-CON-TROLLABLY*. I'm sorry, I just *sniff*... in the words of my elven love Legolas, "For me the grief is still too near." I have been waiting all year for Birdsong and I've got to say, dear readers, part one was worth the wait and moreThe epic story, based on Sebastian Faulks' novel of the same name, folds in past and present, love and war, friendship and betrayal, in one heart-crunching sear to the soul. 

I couldn't believe how many ALL CAPS FEELINGS came rushing at me at once. I haven't been this moved by a period piece since Downton Abbey. And by moved I obviously mean screaming at the TV screen. Of course the difference is that Birdsong tells its story in a mere two parts, not two seasons. So while the story doesn't feel like it's moving particularly fast, the characters have you in an excruciating heart-lock in lightning speed. But it does it in a way that's surprising and new. Because you don't necessarily get attached to the characters the moment they are introduced. Halfway through and even later I suddenly found myself sighing out loud over people I had had on the emotional back-burner.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Period Piece Challenge: "A Night to Remember" Movie Review

It may not have been Jack and Rose, but I was balling like a baby by the end.  The book is great; however, the movie was a fantastic surprise.  I don't often side with a film over a book, but this time I am tempted.  Filmed and released in 1958, the movie - based on the book by Walter Lord - is incredibly accurate, wonderfully written, and in the end, a pretty terrifying representation of the last night on the R.M.S. Titanic.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


He first stole my heart as a handsome, somewhat jerky (although we would later discover he only had the best intentions) castaway on Lost. So his traumatic dramatic exit off the show left a rather large heroic-intentions sized hole in my heart. And then he was cast on this little show called The Vampire Diaries, and I said to myself, "I will watch this show because Ian's on it ANDIJUSTCANTHANDLEHIMNOTBEINGINMYLIFEANYMORE." And darn it, if his snarky, bad-ass vampire alter-ego, Damon didn't win me over. Forget lame, sparkly, somewhat whipped vampires, Ian's character is as bad as they come, but it's the little moments when he allows Damon's humanity to show through that you realize what a brilliant actor he is. Oh, and it's that smirk, always the smirk, that'll melt straight through your petticoats. This week, I salute your face, Ian Somerhalder, for redeeming the vampire genre and just being all-around pretty nice to look at.

Monday, April 23, 2012

100 Reasons We Love Michael Fassbender

Such a fox! (x)
Dear readers, this might come as a shock to you, but we feel our weekly curtsy to our beloved King Fassy every Sassurday is simply not enough to show our unswerving devotion to the ruler of Victorian Swag. We crowned him king at the very beginning without really going into detail. Perhaps because it seemed so elementary, so natural and self-explanatory! But seeing as it's his birthday month and that he gives us too many ALL CAPS FEELINGS and fainting fits to be truly contained by Sassurday, a proper *FAN FLAIL* is in order! We have filled his courts with fainting couches complete with hand-held fans and smelling salts for all of you. So without further ado, we will each try not to pass out or jump the throne as we pour our hearts out. We love you, Sassy Fassy, let us count the reasons why...

1. Because he can bend metal and petticoats with his mind.
2. He's not just a pretty face.  He has REAL depth and range as an actor.  But we mostly like looking at his face.
3. Because, according to Fassy, gingers have more fun.
4. Master of the facial scruff.
5. Fassy has officially made Magneto my font of choice in Microsoft Word.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

It's Sassurday!

Not only has this week seen our beloved king being asked how he feels about taking over Bond's tuxedo after Daniel Craig retires from the role (and can we just say we think no one else could be more suited to the role), but we also have a new teaser from his upcoming, and somewhat creepy, though we'll still go see it because, HELLO, it's FASSY, role in Prometheus. Cheers and Happy Sassurday, Victorian Swaggers.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Beatrix Potter: A True Victorian Super-hero

So I kind of really love Beatrix Potter. I mean, this is a lady who was far ahead of her time. She defied the typical conventions that Victorian England tried to dictate and went on to become one of the most beloved children's writers of all time. Like I said: AWESOME. So because this Victorian lady has some major swag, and in honor of last month's 110th Peter Rabbit Anniversary, I present you with ten things you might not know about Beatrix Potter...

Friday We're in Love!

(1, 2, 3, 4)
Mariah's Pick: I know that everyone and their brother is facetumbletweeting about Gotye, but I felt the need to tangibly declare my love. His newest album, Making Mirrors somehow manages to take quite a few different styles of music and blend them seamlessly into a coherent musical feast. The incredibly catchy Somebody That I Used to Know gets stuck in your head for days, and I often find myself wandering around humming it- which means you should give it a listen, if you haven't already joined the fan club- don't say I didn't warn you. 

Sally's Pick: All week long I've been embracing my inner teenie, rolling the windows down, and blasting One Direction- no shame- like my life depends on it (it does). *turns on "One Thing," immediately starts arm flailing* I CANNOT HELP MYSELF - AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sometimes you just need solid pop rainbow sparkles in your life, y'all, and these a-freaking-dorable "I can't be no Superman, but for you I'd be superhuman" British lads truly deliver one fist pump and chest pound at a time with their debut album Up All Night. 

Sarah's Pick: I have a friend that lives in a city that did not impress me very much the last time I went.  Granted, that last time was St. Patrick's Day, and nothing will seem classy on a night like that - especially if you're sober.  Well, I am visiting this friend in said city this weekend, and do you know why?  She said the magic words: Coffee Shop. 

Ali's Pick: I NEVER thought I would be saying this (like never-in-one-million-years-I will-find-myself-eating-raw-grasshoppers-before-I'd-admit-to-this) but I attended my first PGA tournament (the RBC Heritage) last weekend and LOVED it.  Maybe it was the sundresses, the overload of bow ties, plaid, and critter pants, or maybe it was the tasty cocktails and sunsets at the Quarterdeck after the rounds; I don't know.  There was just something about hanging out with thousands of people on a beautiful golf course and enjoying the sights and celebrities at Harbour town that makes we want to do it all over again next year.  

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Mystery of Edwin Drood

"The Mystery Of Edwin Drood is a psychological thriller about a provincial choirmaster's obsession with 17-year-old Rosa Bud." When we read this synopsis during our weekly Skype meeting (why yes, dear readers, we have those), we all backed away slowly. After much heated debate, I decided to take one for the team as I've been reviewing the current Masterpiece Classic season anyway. Obviously, this is with the exception of The Old Curiosity Shop, which I loathe and refused to watch again. Sorry! 
Anyway, I sat myself down with a cuppa to make it all better and pressed play. To my surprise, the visually stunning intro really spiked my curiosity. Huzzah! Although, for some reason I can't explain, it made me wonder if the story was set in Venice (it's not). I blame Rosa Bud's sumptuous orange dress. Normally I'd say I wanted to steal this dress, but not if it comes with stalker of a choirmaster, John Jasper. The choirmaster has four things going against him:
  1. Played by Matthew Rhys, the last thing I saw him in was The Edge of Love, which left me scarred. for. life. I just don't understand a world where a woman can have an affair with her BFF's husband (Matthew Rhys) when she's married to Cillian Effing Murphy. I DON'T UNDERSTAND!!! *CREYES*
  2. His name is Jasper. Now, perhaps I'm biased due to Newsies fanfiction circa middle school, but I'm just inclined to think that anyone named Jasper is a bad guy.
  3. Opium addiction, anyone?
  4. He's in love with his pupil Rosa Bud who just so happens to be engaged to his nephew, Edwin Drood. Zut!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Period Piece Challenge: A Night to Remember (and other notable Titanic novels)

So I kind of have this weakness for historical fiction.  On occasion (perhaps more often than I like to admit),  I can also be found dabbling in a bit of historical non-fiction.  It may sound a bit morbid, but toss in a dash of disaster and impending doom and you've got me hooked!  That being said, it should be no surprise that, as a young girl, I nurtured a small (and what I maintain to be healthy) obsession with the Titanic. So when the 100th anniversary of the sinking rolled around last week and my friends and family successfully talked me out of spending my savings on a ticket on one of the replica cruises, I broke out my favorite Titanic books.  There are a ton of Titanic books - fiction and non - out there; so on this week's Period Piece Challenge, I am going to cover the ones that truly deserve a fan flail (please tell me it's socially acceptable to be a fan of a historical event.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not happy about the disaster, I am just fascinated by it)! 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


If Winter is Coming, then I think we will all be fighting to snuggle up next to Game of Thrones' Richard Madden. If you have not been watching that series, then I don't know what to say to you. Madden plays Robb Stark, and he portrays the strong Lord of Winterfell quite well. That, and his icy blue eyes will make you melt. If you can't tell, I have a weakness for dark-haired men with blue eyes. It doesn't hurt that said dark hair is curly and shaggy. And that he has scruff. And that he's going to be in Birdsong (which airs on Masterpiece this weekend). Happy Tuesday!

Monday, April 16, 2012

I Will Go Down With This Ship... in 1997

Did anyone else have, for lack of a better description, a bit of a sinking feeling while watching ABC's Titanic miniseries this past weekend? Look, I knew going into it that it was not going to touch the throw-me-a-life-raft FEELINGS James Cameron's film gives me. But since Julian Fellowes wrote the likes of Downton Abbey and Gosford Park, I blindly went into it thinking I could trust him whole heartedly to create something that would stay with me. Well, perhaps I should have been more specific because now I'm remembering it for all the wrong reasons.
Look! It's Mr. B's cray-cray thievin' wife! And she's still cray-cray! (x)
One thing Julian Fellowes is known for is weaving together a ridiculous amount of story lines for characters from very different social stations in a mind bogglingly seamless way. He's basically the modern Dickens for scripts. But Titanic was a different beast entirely. It felt like all the characters had been stuffed into a cannon and blown at you at full force. You were simply knocked down by the sheer number of them. Because you barely got to follow a character long enough to catch their name, catch a glimpse of the inner workings of their mind, or understand what on earth they're doing. Of course, by episode three it felt like every storyline was being attacked by a forbidden romance remedy. In the case of the Russian dude who wouldn't stop touching his fake facial hair, this really came out of nowhere. I especially liked when his new love interest escaped third class with her children, but without her husband, and then the two men declare they'll have a fight to the death over her when they reach dry land. Um... I think you're about to drown? You might want to find yourself a life vest? I'm no scientist, but I'm pretty sure the love of fickle woman doesn't keep you afloat in the event of a shipwreck.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

It's Sassurday!

Happy Sassurday, dear readers. It has occurred to us recently that, while we do tons to celebrate and appreciate Fassy, we at Victorian Swag have done very little to explain why he is worthy of our admiration and fan flails. Never fear! We have something planned for the near future to remedy this oversight. In the meantime, take a few minutes to read this extremely comprehensive (and concise) interview with King Fassy from the January issue of the Hollywood Reporter for a little bit of background info on our favorite Fassbender. Take a few minutes to enjoy the photo shoot as well. Ahem.

Friday, April 13, 2012

The Young Gentleman of Expectations

Did you do your homework, dear readers? Did you watch the second and final installment of Great Expectations this week? I know I did! I was too involved after the first episode... plus I knew what was coming... HARRY LLOYD!!!!!!!! I mean, ahem, Herbert Pocket. Pip, Herbert Pocket... Dickens was the best at naming his characters! Can I get an amen? Or a toast?
Well aren't you just the very picture of Victorian adorability?
Hear, hear! Oh Herbert Pocket, put me in your pocket. So I might as well come out with it and tell you that this character gives me a lot of FEELINGS. Because as soon as Pip arrives in London, he strikes a bargain with him that they put the past behind them (Pip had knocked him down as a child at Miss Havisham's) and start their friendship with a clean slate. From the very beginning, he is looking out for Pip who is quite carried away with his newfound fortune and entrance into high society. Sure Pip gets caught in a string of sticky situations, but in the end he always knows he can count on his loyal friend Herbert Pocket (he just has one of those names that you have to say in full). Which leads me to one of my absolute favorite things that I don't talk about nearly enough on Victorian Swag...

Friday We're In Love!

1, 234
Sally's Pick: All week I've been reading Sense & Sensibility (for the first time... I know!) and I finally finished yesterday. How wonderful when a story you thought you were so entirely familiar with sneaks up and surprises you! Like... ZOMG *mind blown* Willoughby immediately rushed to Cleveland when he heard Marianne was gravely ill?!?! 

Mariah's Pick: I've been a Muppets fan since childhood: Fraggle Rock, A Muppet Christmas Carol, Muppet Babies, so when my parents bought me the new Muppets movie for Easter I freaked a little. I was NOT going to watch another horrible attempt to revive a beloved thing from my childhood- WAS NOT. Imagine my surprise to find that it's actually really good, kudos to Jason Segel for a script well-done, and for not marring my childhood memories of Kermit, Miss Piggy, Beaker (my fav), Gonzo, and Fozzie. 

Ali's Pick: I saw literally the coolest thing I have ever seen this past weekend.  On Saturday night at 9:11 PM on the dot I trekked out to the beach with a few new friends to celebrate the Full Moon Rising (next time we are bringing appetizers and cocktails).  This is a new thing for me (having never lived near the ocean before) so what to my surprise when the sky began to lighten as if a tiny sun were about to appear among the stars and then, the brightest, reddest, fullest moon I have ever seen began to rise out of the waves.  It was breathtaking; I will never forget it.  

Sarah's Pick:  Fassy is our king, yes, but honestly, Emily Blunt should be our queen.  I love her, and true love lasts a lifetime.  I can't wait to see her new movie The Five-Year Engagement (it comes out the 27th)!  I love her, I love Jason Segel, I love romance, and I love comedies.  Seriously, I don't see where this could go wrong.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sink Me!

I think we all have a few or at least one movie that is a go-to film when there is a need for a pick-me-up or simply background noise.  You may even think you're not in the mood to watch that movie, but the second it starts, you stop what you're doing and sit on the floor with your head propped up in your hands.  Yeah,  y'all know what I'm talking about.  I have a handful of films that create this phenomenon in me, and one such gem is The Scarlet Pimpernel with Anthony Andrews and Jane Seymour.  If you have not seen it, stop reading this and get on that!  It's gold.  From the very first scene, I am helplessly sucked in.  The clanging of the jail cells and the jailor's keys in a dingy dungeon sets the tone for one of the greatest stories of heroism and bravery.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Period Piece Challenge: Jane Eyre Movie Review

(I adore this movie poster!)
After spending nearly an entire week tracking this movie down (short of ordering it rush delivery from Amazon, I found it IMPOSSIBLE to find), I finally got the chance to see what Mr. Rochester and Jane Eyre always were in my imagination.  It was a breathtaking, heart-wrenching, and overall extremely satisfying experience.  Bravo to all of those involved in the making of this film.  The actors, director, set and costume designers truly captured the essence of Jane Eyre and made it into a beautiful visual story.   The film is definitely an emotionally intense experience.  But in a good way.  As the viewer, you were forced into each emotion that the characters experienced. Whether it was Jane's terror or social isolation as a child or Mr. Rochester's internal struggle against his terrible secret, each frustration, each delight, was translated into real emotion.  It takes a seriously good movie to do that.  

Tuesday, April 10, 2012



If you haven't figured this out by now, then I'll let you in on a little secret: we sort of have a thing for British actors. They just seem to have that certain extra umph that lots of American actors don't have (although, we still love them, too). And Jeremy Irvine is no exception. He first stole our hearts as the young horse-lover, Albert, in War Horse. His scenes with Joey, actually all of his scenes, are heart-wrenchingly good. So it's no shocker that when we heard he was going to be gracing our dreams movie screens next as Pip in Great Expectations that we let out little squeals of delight and proceeded to dance around the house. Another period piece costumed face actor for us to appreciate! And, of course, he's also got the VS book-approved book into film: Now is Good, which we will, of course, be front and center for! So many exciting things to anticipate! We look forward to seeing your face lots more, Jeremy!

Monday, April 9, 2012

You jump, I jump, remember?

No joke, this is one of my favorite movie posters of all time! (x)
I am a hopeless romantic. No ifs ands or buts about it. Anything cynical I say about love is promptly followed by a string of giggles that say, 'I don't really believe that.' But even if you don't let your hopeless romantic "freak flag" fly, don't let it stop you from seeing the unapologetically romantic Titanic in 3D on the big screen. Now I frequent the movies often enough to hear the divide in the movie theater during previews. Whenever Titanic's preview played it was sprinkled with "Eeeeee I can't wait!" and "Oh my gooooosh, really?" Personally, I was freaking out. Because there are a few things you should know about me:
  1. I never saw Titanic on the big screen.
  2. Having been prone to leaving the room or throwing a blanket over my head whilst wailing, I had never seen this movie from start to finish.
  3. Being on a sinking ship is my worst nightmare.
  4. Jack Dawson is my dream man.
With all this in mind, I quickly decided that this experience was not one to be missed. After all, if you can't see it all in one go on the big screen the year of Titanic's centennial, when can you?

Saturday, April 7, 2012

It's Sassurday!

("Thanks for the cake, ladies.")


Happy Sassurday all of you Victorian Swaggers!  And what a very special Sassurday it is.  On Monday, King Fassy celebrated another year of being beautiful and talented.  Let's all let out a collective longing sigh as we think back on this past year full of so much sass.  We would have baked him a cake if he knew we existed.  But we can pretend we did anyway (I am thinking extra dark chocolate).  So close your eyes and make a wish, Fassy; I know we did!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday We're In Love!

12, 3, 4

Sarah's Pick: Spring is finally here, and with it comes baseball!  It's definitely a love it or hate it sport, and I love it!  The cheers, the peanuts, the beer, the hats, the crack of the bat, all of it.  Our local minor league team opened their season this week, and I have a sneaking suspicion that it won't be my only game.

Sally's Pick: While my disappointment in The Hunger Games has been vastly overshadowed by my enthusiasm for Peeta's face portrayal, this week my cougar love for the adorable Josh "J-Hutch" Hutcherson has spiraled embarrassingly out of control. I tracked down the only copy of The Kids Are All Right left in all of Baltimore's redboxes and filled half a dozen sorrow-snot tissues with all of my CREYES while watching. Then I proceeded to buy a used dvd of Bridge to Terabithia (along with borrowing a copy of the book) because I can and because he just gives me ALL THE ALL CAPS FEELINGS... *face-palm/banshee squeal/sobbing*

Ali's Pick: With the explosion of period piece mentions on the blog lately, I found myself drawn to the "Affordable Classics" section in Barnes & Noble yesterday against my (wallet's) better judgement. I walked away an extremely happy camper, though, with five new classics that I can't WAIT to delve into in the coming weeks!  The only problem is that I had to talk myself into leaving at least eight more books at the store for the inevitable "next time."  

Mariah's Pick: When I saw the trailer for To Rome With Love, I'll admit I might have squealed out loud. I was never a big Woody Allen until I saw Midnight in Paris (at Sally's urging) and fell completely in love. So fingers crossed that his next film can live up to the magic and unexpectedness of his last film.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Why We're Watching Great Expectations

Oops! We kind of forgot that Great Expectations was premiering on Masterpiece Classic this past Sunday. But never fear, that's what their website is for! And can we just take a moment to say thanks to the Masterpiece gods for providing us with such a stellar schedule this year?

If you aren't already watching this 2 part miniseries, you need to get on that pronto. For my part, this story goes straight to the bullseye of my imagination and I couldn't be happier with the result. First off, I love to dabble in the world of Charles Dickens. His characters are so rich, their connections to each other so complex, the plot twists so unexpected... I will never get over his brilliance! I'd especially like to applaud him for this one because I was hooked from the very first scene.

It's creepy fabulous!
Let's start from the very beginning i.e. the setting. The foggy labyrinth of marshes sets an eerie tone for the story to come, especially for the little boy running through them. He is, of course, the main character Pip.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Period Piece Challenge: Jane Eyre

I know some of you are groaning a little bit inside and thinking that I can't possibly be serious about this book.  We all read it in high school with the obligatory level of loathing.  I'll admit that I was among you.  After the first read I wanted to throw my dog-eared paperback across the room and never read another word of horrid Gothic over-description ever again.  Then, something strange happened.  I just couldn't get the story out of my head.  I kept going over and over Jane's awful childhood, her abused adolescence and the fact that her life contained possibly the worst string of bad luck any human being has ever endured.  I kept thinking about the impossibility and the illicitness of her relationship with Mr. Rochester.  This story lolled around in my head for weeks and months; long after the AP English Literature exam had ended and I should have purged the novel from my mind.  So I finally relented and I re-read it.  Oh yes, I subjected myself to Charlotte Brontë's annoyingly obsessive writing voice once again for the sake of the brilliant characters and chillingly stark world she creates.  It turned out to be a delightful experience the second time around.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bennie & the Small Island

So my dear friend and spirit animal, the lovely Emily (who did not judge me for the whole "ZOMG BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH" snatching of the DVD incident), let me hijack Small Island for a few days before she had to return it to the library. Because I. can't. say. no. to. a. period. piece. Looking at the DVD cover, I thought, 'This is a win win win!'
First, we have Benedict Cumberbatch in uniform. Then we have Jane Eyre, WWII, the BBC, Jamaica, London, peeps with killer fashion sense, and... did I mention Benedict Cumberbatch's face? WIN. Right? Wrong. WHAT? I know. I kept waiting to like it and it just... fizzled. 

I hate hate haaate to visit the graveyard of dashed period piece hopes. Sadly, it is full to the brim, if you can believe it. It's so disappointing! And it's not like I hated Small Island, but I certainly didn't like it. While this is most definitely a non-recommendation, I'd be interested to hear what some of you think of this one. Personally, I felt like sucker punching Jane Eyre Queenie every time she was on screen. I even like that actress! What was going on? And Hortense and I will not be going for a picnic any time soon. Seriously, girl, throwing wrenches in your friend's life plans is not cool. Eeesh! And why'd it take you so long to come around to Gilbert?! Apparently, I don't like for my stories to be narrated either because I was definitely reaching for my brass knuckles every time he spoke. I felt like the narrated bits were trying to explain all the things the actors couldn't convey on their own. Such a cop out. And the ending? BRASS KNUCKLES X INFINITY. THERE IS NO EXCUSE!!!! I don't want to talk about it.

I will say, the one character that had me intrigued was Benedict Cumberbatch's Bernard. But of course, I believe him to be the King Midas of any role he touches. He actually made me dislike in this miniseries! He's so powerful. His complex and conflicted performance, to me, was the most convincing. No surprise here, but he snagged a BAFTA nomination for best supporting actor for it. And even though Bernard and Queenie's "romance" is rather doomed from the start, I just had to share this scene where he confesses his love to her:

I NEVER CONSIDERED HEART-CLUTCHING OTHER PEOPLE BEFORE, BENEDICT! Ugh. They're terribly wrong for each other, and it's all a little awkward turtle has babies, but this did give a lot of FEELINGS. So to repeat your words back to you, Mr. Cumberbatch, "All I pray is that one day, should you ever... I'll wait for you, Bennie. However long it takes, I'll wait. *places hand on heart* It belongs to you now, Bennie. No one else."


Not to assault your heartstrings with a broody pic, but... here I thought he couldn't look any better than his usual tall, light, & handsome. Ugh! Not fair!!! (x)
Aussie of my daydreams, you've been oh so patiently waiting in the wings as we oggled over your big brother and fan-flailed over your co-star. But good things come to those who wait. Or, in this case, a drunken-esque spewage of undying affection! Listen up, handsome! You have had my undivided attention since that first kiss in The Last Song. And let me tell you, coming from someone who shudders at the mere mention of Nicholas Sparks, that is saying something. Also, I may have kind of sort of hey self, don't type this out loud wound up on the floor with CREYES and a case of FEELING induced heart-clutchies. Seriously. There are witnesses. I just watch that scene and... mmph... gee... ohhh... shlooo... bahhh... rummm... ugh. In short, there are no words. And in the words of Katniss, "I VOLUNTEER!!!" Naturally, when I heard you were cast as Gale in The Hunger Games, I screamed like I was being hunted down by a tracker jacker. When you first graced the screen... *squeal/heart-clutch/sigh/wail* And, pardonnez-moi, but your voice? Yeah, no need to elaborate. I think I speak for all of us here at Victorian Swag when I say we think you were perfectly cast and we'd like to be your sidekicks a la Charlie's Angels in a Hunger Games spin off focused on Gale and his smoldering escapades. Or maybe we could be your genies? Because we heard you're going to be starring in Arabian Nights in 2014. Seriously? Could you be any more attractive?

Monday, April 2, 2012

Mirror, Mirror

Would you just look at that lovely face! It really isn't fair for one man to be so incredibly nice to look at. But since Armie Hammer is so gorgeous, well, that's reason enough to go see the newest fairy-tale turned movie adaptation, Mirror Mirror. Obviously this film won't be winning any Oscars, nor, it seems, will it be winning over the critics any time soon. But that doesn't mean I can't give it the Victorian Swag seal of approval. If not for its handsome leading man, then at least for the glorious costumes and jaw-dropping scenery...