Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bennie & the Small Island

So my dear friend and spirit animal, the lovely Emily (who did not judge me for the whole "ZOMG BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH" snatching of the DVD incident), let me hijack Small Island for a few days before she had to return it to the library. Because I. can't. say. no. to. a. period. piece. Looking at the DVD cover, I thought, 'This is a win win win!'
First, we have Benedict Cumberbatch in uniform. Then we have Jane Eyre, WWII, the BBC, Jamaica, London, peeps with killer fashion sense, and... did I mention Benedict Cumberbatch's face? WIN. Right? Wrong. WHAT? I know. I kept waiting to like it and it just... fizzled. 

I hate hate haaate to visit the graveyard of dashed period piece hopes. Sadly, it is full to the brim, if you can believe it. It's so disappointing! And it's not like I hated Small Island, but I certainly didn't like it. While this is most definitely a non-recommendation, I'd be interested to hear what some of you think of this one. Personally, I felt like sucker punching Jane Eyre Queenie every time she was on screen. I even like that actress! What was going on? And Hortense and I will not be going for a picnic any time soon. Seriously, girl, throwing wrenches in your friend's life plans is not cool. Eeesh! And why'd it take you so long to come around to Gilbert?! Apparently, I don't like for my stories to be narrated either because I was definitely reaching for my brass knuckles every time he spoke. I felt like the narrated bits were trying to explain all the things the actors couldn't convey on their own. Such a cop out. And the ending? BRASS KNUCKLES X INFINITY. THERE IS NO EXCUSE!!!! I don't want to talk about it.

I will say, the one character that had me intrigued was Benedict Cumberbatch's Bernard. But of course, I believe him to be the King Midas of any role he touches. He actually made me dislike in this miniseries! He's so powerful. His complex and conflicted performance, to me, was the most convincing. No surprise here, but he snagged a BAFTA nomination for best supporting actor for it. And even though Bernard and Queenie's "romance" is rather doomed from the start, I just had to share this scene where he confesses his love to her:

I NEVER CONSIDERED HEART-CLUTCHING OTHER PEOPLE BEFORE, BENEDICT! Ugh. They're terribly wrong for each other, and it's all a little awkward turtle has babies, but this did give a lot of FEELINGS. So to repeat your words back to you, Mr. Cumberbatch, "All I pray is that one day, should you ever... I'll wait for you, Bennie. However long it takes, I'll wait. *places hand on heart* It belongs to you now, Bennie. No one else."


  1. OHEMGEEZZZZZZ. Why is Benedict so FREAKING FANTASTIC??!?!??! I want to watch this, even though you say it stinks, only to see his beautiful face. I WANT TO HAVE HIS GINGER BABIES!

    1. If you are looking to expand your Benedict Cumberbatch repertoire, then it's definitely a must see performance. FLAWLESS. As always.