Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday We're In Love!

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Sarah's Pick: Spring is finally here, and with it comes baseball!  It's definitely a love it or hate it sport, and I love it!  The cheers, the peanuts, the beer, the hats, the crack of the bat, all of it.  Our local minor league team opened their season this week, and I have a sneaking suspicion that it won't be my only game.

Sally's Pick: While my disappointment in The Hunger Games has been vastly overshadowed by my enthusiasm for Peeta's face portrayal, this week my cougar love for the adorable Josh "J-Hutch" Hutcherson has spiraled embarrassingly out of control. I tracked down the only copy of The Kids Are All Right left in all of Baltimore's redboxes and filled half a dozen sorrow-snot tissues with all of my CREYES while watching. Then I proceeded to buy a used dvd of Bridge to Terabithia (along with borrowing a copy of the book) because I can and because he just gives me ALL THE ALL CAPS FEELINGS... *face-palm/banshee squeal/sobbing*

Ali's Pick: With the explosion of period piece mentions on the blog lately, I found myself drawn to the "Affordable Classics" section in Barnes & Noble yesterday against my (wallet's) better judgement. I walked away an extremely happy camper, though, with five new classics that I can't WAIT to delve into in the coming weeks!  The only problem is that I had to talk myself into leaving at least eight more books at the store for the inevitable "next time."  

Mariah's Pick: When I saw the trailer for To Rome With Love, I'll admit I might have squealed out loud. I was never a big Woody Allen until I saw Midnight in Paris (at Sally's urging) and fell completely in love. So fingers crossed that his next film can live up to the magic and unexpectedness of his last film.

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