Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday We're In Love!

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Sally's Pick: All week I've been reading Sense & Sensibility (for the first time... I know!) and I finally finished yesterday. How wonderful when a story you thought you were so entirely familiar with sneaks up and surprises you! Like... ZOMG *mind blown* Willoughby immediately rushed to Cleveland when he heard Marianne was gravely ill?!?! 

Mariah's Pick: I've been a Muppets fan since childhood: Fraggle Rock, A Muppet Christmas Carol, Muppet Babies, so when my parents bought me the new Muppets movie for Easter I freaked a little. I was NOT going to watch another horrible attempt to revive a beloved thing from my childhood- WAS NOT. Imagine my surprise to find that it's actually really good, kudos to Jason Segel for a script well-done, and for not marring my childhood memories of Kermit, Miss Piggy, Beaker (my fav), Gonzo, and Fozzie. 

Ali's Pick: I saw literally the coolest thing I have ever seen this past weekend.  On Saturday night at 9:11 PM on the dot I trekked out to the beach with a few new friends to celebrate the Full Moon Rising (next time we are bringing appetizers and cocktails).  This is a new thing for me (having never lived near the ocean before) so what to my surprise when the sky began to lighten as if a tiny sun were about to appear among the stars and then, the brightest, reddest, fullest moon I have ever seen began to rise out of the waves.  It was breathtaking; I will never forget it.  

Sarah's Pick:  Fassy is our king, yes, but honestly, Emily Blunt should be our queen.  I love her, and true love lasts a lifetime.  I can't wait to see her new movie The Five-Year Engagement (it comes out the 27th)!  I love her, I love Jason Segel, I love romance, and I love comedies.  Seriously, I don't see where this could go wrong.

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