Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday We're In Love!

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Ali's Pick: Everyone knows that a reliable and delicious local coffee shop is the key to successful weekend reading as well as an overall happy life.  You imagine my delight when I found Watusi last week, and just 5 minutes from my new home.  BONUS: it is not only an adorable and tasty place to grab a latte, it is also a fabulous FROZEN YOGURT BAR!!  Life is good.  

Sarah's Pick: My favorite thing about this week?  Feeling like an adult.  Oh yeah, I put on my big girl panties, paid my car taxes, spent a good chunk of my tax refund on said taxes, enjoyed my weeknight drinky drinks, and went bug-eyed when I looked at my pitiful bank account.  Ah, the sweet and sour mix of adulthood.  It can bum me out majorly sometimes, but this week, I reveled in it.  

Sally's Pick: After an excruciating separation, I was fi-na-lly reunited with my all-time favorite band Needtobreathe at DC's 9:30 Club this past weekend for one of the best. concerts. ever. The incredible Ben Rector opened and then all was right in the world as my boys took the stage and rocked the place to the ground with their new material. With one mind-blowing performance after another, especially dance-like-a-fool-worthy "Girl Named Tennessee," and seeing them live with old friends and new, I had hearts in my eyes all. night. long. 

Mariah's Pick: I love vintage stuff, truthfully, I spend tons of time in Goodwill and Salvation Army, and at yard sales trying to find that perfect old school accessory or clothing item. Which is what makes Modcloth so fabulous, it's like they've taken all the time I would've spent browsing through old, oftentimes smelly things and picked out only the best. Now I just need to tell myself that I can't afford to go on their site every day, my checkbook is already suffering from the fabulous 40s style bathing suit I ordered from them last night, but it's just oh-so-fabulous!

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