Tuesday, May 1, 2012


(Well HELLLOOOO Captain America!)
If you can't tell by today's posts, we have a little, tiny, itsy bitsy thing for super heroes and the actors who play them.  So today we would like to congratulate Chris Evans on his super hero face.  This. Man. Is. Beautiful.  And it doesn't hurt that he is Captain America.  I also really enjoyed his darker super hero portrayal of Nick Gant in Push and let's not forget the fact that he was also Johnny Storm, the Human Torch of the Fantastic Four.  Whether he is bursting into flames, moving objects with his mind (we have a few uses for this particular super power) or tossing around an indestructible shield whilst sporting a blue suit highlighting every chiseled plane of his body (sorry for the ramble, I got distracted) this boy is just extra pretty.  Needless to say . . . I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE AVENGERS RELEASE THIS WEEKEND!  


  1. He is definitely swoon-worthy. I've actually never heard of Push until this post, so I just imdb'd it and it looks good! Why have I not come across it? Now I have to get my hands on it somehow.

    Have you seen him in Cellular? Kim Basinger and Jason Statham are in it also. It's great, very sitting-on-the-edge-of-the-seat type film.

    1. You definitely have to watch Push! It is very entertaining! And I actually saw part of Cellular a few years ago but did not realize Chris Evans was in it. I think I was too focused on the terrible acting job on the part of Kim Basinger. Now that I know he is in it, I might have to give it a second chance!

  2. Sadly I think the only other thing I've seen him is The Nanny Diaries. And even then I barely remember him in it. BUT I LOVE HIM AS CAPTAIN AMERICAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! Because he IS Captain America! Did you see those pictures of him helping the cleaning crews clean up the sets while still wearing the his Captain America gear? *SWOON* He just charms my pants off! If Loki wasn't involved, he'd probably be my favorite from the Avengers realm. I know this is less Chris Evans and more Captain America (preference to a fictional character? you don't say?!), but... ZOMG WHAT ABOUT HIM AND PEGGY! THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO BE DANCE PARTNERRRRRRRRRRRRRRS!!!!!!!