Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Aaaaaaadkflsdjfksdjlkjwoi!!!!!!!!! (x)
I was watching To the Ends of the Earth over the weekend when who should burst onto the screen but JJ Feild (with curly blond hair! OMG!!!). This Brit is one of those actors who, whenever I see him, I can't help screaming, "OHMYGOSHIT'SJJFEILD!!!" at a decibel known only to wild dogs. He so wooed me with his charming cheekiness, endearing smile, and the above scene where he wipes the mud off his heroine's cheek in the rain in Northanger Abbey *swoon* that I've been terribly smitten to the point of repeated outbursts ever since. Perhaps it was the first-seeing-him-as-a-witty-Jane-Austen-hero bias that did it, but... man! This man! There is something about his voice, something in his air, something about him playing one of Captain America's 1940s sidekicks, that makes you want to either hand out flowers on your doorstep or curl up in the fetal position while wiping your tears with a trashy romance novel. I can't pinpoint it exactly, but... can I just have a major squee over his next project Austenland, which will no doubt bring me back to what made me love in the first place? My heart! 'Tis full of arrows!

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  1. Austen-hero-bias...I love it! Did you see the first Sally Lockhart Mystery? He was a charmer in that, too. His character definitely had a Tilney-esque style. Totally looking forward to Austenland (why why why doesn't it have a release date yet?!), they did a good job with that cast (Figwit vs Tilney!).