Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday We're In Love!


Sarah's Pick: May means Moonlight Movies!  This Wednesday was the first movie of the season, and there's nothing like laying down a blanket on some grass, ordering a pizza, and watching a movie outside after sundown.  Especially if it's the 1970s version of The Muppet Movie!  What?! 

Sally's Pick: I flew home to Atlanta this past weekend to see Les Mis at the fabulous Fox Theatre where I had a huge shock and fell more in love with Marius' friend Enjolras than with Marius himself. Ten years were so worth the wait to see it on stage as I finally got to see how the story was woven together in song with nifty set changes and incredible visual effects (Javert's suicide, anyone?). I loved hearing some of its most recognizable songs live (I may have turned to my mom and told her it was my new dream to play a prostitute in "Lovely Ladies" at one point??), but my surprise favorites included "Work Song," "Master of the House," "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables," and the "Finale" during which I was hit by a TIDAL WAVE OF EMOTION and proceeded to sob in plain view in a sold-out theater. 

Ali's Pick: What got me through the week this time, you may ask?  Easy: the prospect of attending my very first Derby party tomorrow!  I've got the ruffled dress and a big floppy hat; now bring on the mint juleps and the horses!  I feel very Kate Middleton-esque with my hat on.     

Mariah's Pick: Confession: I love braids, like, seriously. I'm constantly trying to figure out knew ways to incorporate them into my hair, and the other I day I just so happen to have perfected the fishtail braid. Which means I'm sort of ecstatic, because it was no easy feat, but really, one can never have too many braid types in her coiffure arsenal, and they are the perfect summer updo! 

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