Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday We're In Love!

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Mariah's pick:  One of the best things about summer, besides all the time I'll be putting in at the beach and the plethora of Hollywood blockbusters, is the rather large list of amazing books that will soon be sitting on my bookshelf. Last week, the last book in Rick Riordan's Kane Chronicles was released, and it has taken all of my willpower to savor the final installment of Sadie and Carter's adventures rather than rushing headlong through the book in one fell swoop. So far, The Serpent's Shadow is living up to the awesomeness of the rest of the series and my only question is: WHY IS THIS THE LAST BOOK (one can never have too much Riordan amazingness in their collection, truly). 

Sally's pick:  This week I, the last person on earth to read this book, consistently stole time away to devour Water for Elephants. I zipped right on through it and am now officially terrified of ever attending a circus and thus getting caught in a stampede. However, I'm glad I can finally move this engaging novel off my "to read" list and think back on the mesmerizing imagery of big tops, heartwarming elephants, and trains full of men in suspenders. 

Ali's pick: Sometimes life is about celebrating the little things.  This week I celebrated whipping up a ginormous batch of zucchini bread courtesy of my great grandmother's recipe and the copious amounts of zucchini my friend Margaret dropped off from her overly abundant garden.  I love nothing more in the spring than sweet, cinnamon-y zucchini bread for breakfast in the morning; yum!   

Sarah's pick:  It's concert season once again!  Well, let's be honest, it's always concert season chez Victorian Swag.  Spring and summer just seem to be the best times for concerts, and I am so ready!  This week's featured concert: the Zac Brown Band.  Oh yeah, I feel you're jealousy.


  1. Mariah, I still need to expand my Riordan world beyond the first Percy Jackson book. Putting them on my summer list! Ali, I miss baking with you!!! Sarah, I am super jealous you're seeing Zac Brown without me! I swear every Friday when I get off work, I am blasting "Chicken Fried" on the way home.

  2. Sally, send me your "TO READ" list!! :)