Monday, May 28, 2012

Proposals Gone Right: The One That's A-freaking-dorable

Tilney, you are the cuuuuuuuuutest!!! *pinching his cheeks* (x)
These are a few of my favorite things: Mr. Tilney, JJ Feild's face, PROXIMITY, misunderstandings, character development, pretty dresses, and resolutions. You know which proposal contains all these things? The one from Northanger Abbey. As you know, I have a terrible habit of watching a classic before reading it. With Northanger Abbey, however, I actually did it in the right order. I was immediately charmed by Jane Austen's charming Mr. Tilney and shouted my love for him and his good humor from the rooftops. Why don't people talk about Mr. Tilney more?!?!?! This is a mystery that puzzles and troubles me exceedingly, especially considering he's played by JJ Feild in the adaptation. Anyway, Henry Tilney has been taken with Catherine Morland from their very first meeting (conveniently a dance), but their romance has been anything but easy. The relationships of their friends, family, and aggressive suitors have all posed obstacles as well as Catherine's overactive imagination and lack of fortune. After learning that Catherine was cast out of their house by his father because he discovered she was not rich, Henry unexpectedly shows up at her house two days later to pop the question.

Henry: Let me instead tell you what I said to him. I told him that I felt myself bound to you-
Henry: -by honor- 
Double AH!
Henry: -by affection- 
Henry: and by a love so strong that nothing he could do could deter me from-
From what?! Finishing the sentence?!
Catherine: From what?
Atta girl!
Henry: Before I go on, I should tell you there's a pretty good chance he'll disinherit me. I fear I may never be a rich man, Catherine.
Oh who cares! Your face > riches.
Catherine: Please, go on with what you were going to say!
I like this girl.
Henry: Will you marry me, Catherine?
Catherine: Yes! 
Greetings, warm fuzzies! It's a tad awkward, but their first kiss is so cute and shy (you know, up until she backs him into the foliage *FIST PUMP*)!

I think what I like so much about this couple is that for Jane Austen, they are a rarity. They don't dislike each other at first or take ages to recognize their feelings. There's an instant chemistry. Tilney is sarcastic (dare I say sassy?) and bright and Catherine is curious and naive. He is rooted in reality while she's caught up in a fantasy. Still, they understand and esteem each other. But even though they have this mutual affection from the get go, their relationship is full of bumps and twists. Still, their feelings grow stronger and stronger throughout and by the time he's proposing, neither of them can get the words or PDA out quick enough. Jane Austen created two characters who are obviously made for each other from the very beginning, but I love that they don't fully realize this until they've gone through their trials and are finally able to meet in the middle. It's pure, simple, and downright sweet.
Aheeeeeee! (x)
So on a scale of meh to ZOMG! *GRABBY HANDS*, I simply must give this one a hearty, "I volunteer! I volunteer as tribute!" Because who wouldn't want their ridiculously cute kindred spirit declaring that he has possibly sacrificed all his chances at an inheritance in order to be with you? Especially one who, in the novel, says, “The person, be it gentleman or lady, who has not pleasure in a good novel, must be intolerably stupid.” If this brand of gent is what's in store for a young lady with as much of a ridiculous imagination as Catherine's then... YAYFORMEOMG!


  1. So delightfully, wonderfully awkward and sweet (shy until, yeah, the foliage, hee!). Love it!

  2. I'm embarrassed to say that this is the one Austen work I have never read nor seen. Now I feel I MUST because, hello, grabby hands, indeed!

  3. YEAH FOLIAGE!!!!! hahaha

    Mariah, you must change this! It was the last one of her works I was familiar with myself and that was last year, so I can't judge you. But you need some Tilney in your life! You'll love him!